VBC won the Best IoT Startup 2019 Award at Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award Infinity Blockchain Labs

VBC won the Best IoT Startup 2019 Award at Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award

11月 21, 2019

Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC), proudly received the “Best IoT Startup” 2019 award at the Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award 2019. 

VBC won the Best IoT Startup 2019 Award at Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award
Representative of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation was honored to receive the award

The Rice Bowl Startup Award (RBSA), organized by Malaysia New Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Organization (myNEF), is the first annual award in Southeast Asia to honor innovative startups and innovative technology. The award aims to promote Southeast Asia to become a global center of innovation, catch up with the ever-growing technology race, and reflect ASEAN’s efforts in recognizing the contribution of startups to the realization of that goal.
With the aim of supporting development and bringing Vietnamese startups to opportunities in the region and the world, Project Office 844 has officially become RBSA’s Ambassador in Vietnam. The Vietnam Rice Bowl Award was held on October 15, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City to select the winning team in the categories representing Vietnam to compete in the regional finals that are scheduled to take place in January 2020 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
VBC won the Best IoT Startup 2019 Award at Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award
Rice Bowl Startup Award

In 2019, with 212 entries registered in 12 categories (Startup of the year, Best New Startup, Best Startup IoT, Startup in Agriculture Technology – Best Food, Best Startup Fintech, Best Startup AI / Machine Learning, Best E-Commerce and Supply Chain Startup, Social Impact Startup, Best Startup Incubation or Acceleration Program, Founder of the year, Best coworking space, Favorite startup,) The jury selected 12 startups (one for each startup) in the final round of Southeast Asia, held in Malaysia.
Awarded as the best innovative IoT solution, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation is proud to bring technological solutions to the Vietnamese market and bring these solutions to solve problems in daily life. With this strategy, the company has contributed positively to the economy, environment, society and community.
VBC won the Best IoT Startup 2019 Award at Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award
The 12 best startups in Vietnam advance to the Southeast Asia finals

Mr. Do Van Long, Director of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation and a Regional Strategy Director, Infinity Blockchain Labs, shared, “We are proud to be a startup with excellent IoT solution honored in the Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award 2019. This is a testament to the relentless efforts of our staff and a comprehensive and sustainable development strategy to provide technology solutions for everyday life.”
Mr. Do Van Long also shared the achievements of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation in applying blockchain technology to life, particularly in agriculture, elections, and digital identifiers. The blockchain solutions being implemented in Vietnam are traceability of agricultural products along the value chain called “Agridential”, Smart Election “Smart Ballot” and Identify “Self-Sovereign Identity”.
VBC applies blockchain technology to agriculture to fundamentally improve its ability to manage, monitor, produce and process agricultural products through the value chain. One of VBC’s products, called Agridential, is a value chain traceability solution based on the blockchain technology standard GS1. Agridential has been successfully deployed for more than 20 agricultural products throughout the country, typically My Xuong and Dong Thap mangoes are exported to the US market.
VBC won the Best IoT Startup 2019 Award at Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Award
Agridential Interface

Besides Agridential, VBC is researching and developing two more projects which are ‘Smart Ballot’ and ‘Self Sovereign Identity’. Smart Ballot of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation is the pioneer blockchain application of voting solutions to improve the traditional voting method. Smart Ballot makes the voting process simple, fast, accurate and free of any party manipulation. The solution keypoint is transparency of the voting process, which allows verification accurately of the results, while ensuring voting anonymously. On the other hand, the Self-Sovereign Identity solution that applies blockchain technology in digital identification to replace the traditional customer identification method by manual method is  face-to-face meetings. With this solution, governments, banks and financial institutions can save time, money and manpower by building a transparent management system, safe and reliable to serve the community. Self-Sovereign Identity is being applied to the project “Blockchain solution to solve the problems of workers”. The project is cooperating with The Asian Foundation (TAF) and HMC Clean House Development Joint Stock Company (Jupviec), with the support of Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor-DRL. Blockchain technology will be applied to protect the rights and interests of workers and enhance the reputation of the project in supporting employees.
RBSA is the first annual award honoring startups with the application of thinking activities, innovative technologies from excellent startups and outstanding startup ecosystems in Southeast Asia. Winners in the award categories will represent Vietnam to compete in the RBSA 2019 award program of the entire ASEAN region. Startups have to go through the first qualifier selected by Project 844 in the top 10 final for each category (July 25 – July 27) followed by the national public voting round (September 5 to September 18) and regional public voting round (4/11-4/12). Since the first year of organization in 2015, more than 3,000 Southeast Asian creative startups have been honored and recognized as the top national or regional leaders through nominations. Earlier, in 2018, Vietnam had 13 startups and 7 founders received the nomination of the award. According to the organizers, the total prize value awarded to businesses/organizations winning RBSA 2018 has received up to $ 1,091 million.