A Chat with CEO Junya Yamamoto about Working at IBL! Infinity Blockchain Labs

A Chat with CEO Junya Yamamoto about Working at IBL!


July 24, 2018

Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL), Asia’s leading R&D company committed to harnessing the power of blockchain for the advancement of society with next-generation solutions, is looking to expand its family with exciting young talents! We welcome anyone who believes they have the potential to conquer the journey into the future of blockchain technology and who is willing to create new opportunities for generations to come.

Our chat with CEO Junya Yamamoto

Today we sat down with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Junya Yamamoto who explained what makes IBL such a special place to work and grow. In 2012, Mr. Yamamoto moved to Viet Nam to work for a Japanese startup initiative and within three year he helped grow the business from seven members to more than 100 and expanded the company to multiple entities across five countries. In 2015, he co-founded IBL with the mission of transforming businesses with practical blockchain R&D solutions while empowering Viet Nam to be the global blockchain hub. In just a few short years, Mr. Yamamoto’s expertise has led IBL to now support a staff of well over 200 talented professionals and become the blockchain ecosystem leader in Viet Nam with business development and partnerships spanning the globe.
A Chat with CEO Junya Yamamoto about Working at IBL!

Why is IBL such a special place to work?

IBL represents the future, a future in which blockchain technology is accessible to everyone and used on a daily basis. We are at the forefront of this technology and it is exciting to see what our tech teams, developers, and business architects in the R&D labs will create next! Our crew is rapidly growing and filled with some of the most talented and interesting people from every corner of the planet. If working with the next era of technology and meeting talented people from all over the world sounds great to you, you will love working at IBL!

What opportunities do new recruits have to grow at IBL?

Our partnerships and network alliances span the globe, hence if you have a mind for international business or other international skills and interests, we have tremendous opportunities for you to develop and flourish. We have many new projects planned that will bring our new members global business opportunities.
As a growing company with many new projects, we are always in search of new talents to lead our newest initiatives. Luckily, IBL takes pride in developing our crew’s skills and knowledge so we often look within for our ranks for our future leaders. With hard work to develop our staff so you can start at a base level and quickly move your way up the corporate ladder! If you have an international mindset and you are ready to learn and develop your skills, the sky’s the limit!

How will IBL grow in the future?

Despite being only a few years old, we are Vietnam’s biggest and leading blockchain R&D company focussing on integrating blockchain technology with practical solutions that shape every industry, region, sector, and life. Currently, we have over 200 blockchain engineers, business developers, marketers, and creative specialists crafting the future of IBL’s new projects and pilot programs that are expanding our ecosystem and goals. Along with expanding our business and partnerships internationally, we are also working with educators, enterprises, and local government to make Vietnam the top global blockchain tech hub in the world.
Blockchain technology is fast, dynamic, and on the verge of changing our world. We have the foundation and experience to continue exploring this new technological era and we are excited to see where our imaginations will take us. As our staff and capacity grow exponentially, so does our motivation and ambition.
A Chat with CEO Junya Yamamoto about Working at IBL!

Why did you choose Vietnam for IBL?

Viet Nam is an exciting country with an amazing culture and tremendous potential for opportunities. Blockchain was still a fairly new concept when we started IBL. People were familiar with Bitcoin but only had a general understanding of blockchain. Since blockchain R&D was unfamiliar everywhere, it was quite challenging to start an R&D company. This meant that any country we picked would become the leader in the blockchain R&D field. Viet Nam has great power and potential for the long term IT growth. The other benefit is that the government and regulatory frameworks are very supportive of IT initiatives.

Has IBL’s growth met expectations from your colleagues?

Again, when we were starting IBL, blockchain technology development was very new. There was plenty of buzz about blockchain technology but nobody understood its potential for practical applications or how blockchain would change the world. Even just a few years ago, our ideas were considered far too ambitious and nobody believed we could make them a reality. In just a few years, not only have we made our plans a reality, we have exceeded expectations through huge growth and adopting new projects and initiatives! We certainly proved them wrong!

What words of encouragement do you have for anyone interested in applying?

In addition to our inspiring practical applications of blockchain R&D that are leading Asia, we truly have one of the best teams to join in the entire world. We offer amazing opportunities to travel internationally, career growth and development, and a chance to work in an exciting new industry with a company that is leading the charge. We are growing with Viet Nam and the global ecosystem. If you feel like you would be a great fit at IBL, we would love to hear from you! Please send us your application!

A Chat with CEO Junya Yamamoto about Working at IBL!

Are you the perfect fit?

Has Mr. Yamamoto’s words inspired you to consider a future at IBL? Then we would love an opportunity to meet you!
What will you get at IBL? Infinite possibilities! IBL offers you a chance to work and learn from a collection of specialists and experts in the blockchain industry who are passionate about the future and talented. You will get to work in an environment of people from different backgrounds and nationalities which will expand your horizons and expose you to new customs, cultures, and practices.
As a member in our big IBL family, you will have the chance to learn from your inspiring colleagues and team leaders. Many people in our staff held positions in major tech corporations worldwide. These people work to ignite the fire of enthusiasm in their teams, challenge the limits of their creativity, and help explore every staff member’s potential.
At IBL you could also find yourself traveling around the world through an abundance of business trips and professional training courses. Our partnerships and network alliances span the globe, hence you have the opportunity to go to the UK, Isle of Man, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other exciting places!
IBL also offers great opportunities for career growth. Also, as Mr. Yamamoto explained, you will quickly have the chance to move up the ranks at IBL. With the right determination, you could find yourself leading projects in no time!
We provide you with the chance to travel around the world and a range of promotion opportunities for growth. Come find out why IBL is an incredible place to work!

Interested in joining the team at IBL?

Come to one of our hiring events or meet with us directly! Simply provide us with your information and submit your application at bit.ly/iblcrewselection15. Also, make sure to stay informed on the latest news and check out our current vacant positions at https://career.blockchainlabs.asia/! We are eager to have you on board!

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