Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi

Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi


June 21, 2017

“Hanoi is the most powerful city for policy and regulation Vietnam. It is the critical center for empowering and accelerating blockchain growth in this country,” says Infinity Blockchain Lab’s President’s Office Director, Do Van Long. This understanding helps explain why in the past weeks IBL has established important partnerships in Hanoi with the largest technical universities and the nation’s central bank.

University Partnerships

Members of the IBL’s Asia Blockchain Education Lab (ABEL) traveled north to meet Associate Professor Huynh Quyet Thang, Vice President of Bach Khoa Hanoi and Dr. Dinh Van Dzung, Vice President of IT Institute – Vietnam National University. Both men signed MoUs with ABEL on behalf of their respective institutions. In the same way ABEL established a series of blockchain courses at top universities in the south and central regions of Vietnam, they will implement a series of hands-on classes at Hanoi’s top technical universities. Students and community members will have the opportunity to join a month-long introductory course, followed by a two-month intermediate and finally two-month advanced course. ABEL leaders will share their blockchain expertise with the top professors at each institution who will then lead the courses. Each class will take advantage of the textbooks written by ABEL researchers.

Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi
IBL President Junya Yamamoto signs an MoU with Bach Khoa’s Associate Professor Huynh Quyet Thang

Upon graduating from the courses, the students will not only have the knowledge and skills required to implement blockchain technologies into already existent projects and fields, but they will have the opportunity to design and create their own pre-projects. With the assistance of government funding, ABEL and university mentors will lead students through the design of real-world uses for the emergent technology. Each pre-project will be specific to regional strengths – Bach Khoa will focus on e-government while IT Institute – Vietnam National University will work with Internet of Things (IoT) and big data.

Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi
Members of IBL and staff at IT Institute – Vietnam National University after signing the MoU

The expansion of the partnerships with these two universities further proves the viability and value of ABEL’s pioneering blockchain courses, which now exist in every region in Vietnam. If the nation’s top students can graduate believing in the power of blockchain, when they continue on to top positions around the world, they will bring the blockchain with them. IBL, through ABEL, therefore considers the university partnerships an important step in the greater goal of transforming the world with blockchain.

Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi

Hanoi University of Science and Technology University (Bach Khoa) is the first and largest technical university in Vietnam. Consistently ranked as the nation’s premier technology training university, its graduates hold positions in key industrial and scientific fields as well as serve in numerous government institutions.

Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi

IT Institute – Vietnam National University was built on the basis of the Vietnam Information Technology Training Institute (VITTI) established by Hanoi National University (the country’s prestigious university) in 1997 under the Technical Cooperation Project between the Governments of Vietnam and Japan (1997- 2002)

Banking Partnerships

Compared to academia, finance operates with a vastly different set of goals, standards and processes, yet can also benefit from ABEL’s expertise. Blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize payments, transfers, contracts, security systems and personal identification protocols. While banks, businesses and financial institutes recognize the technology’s potential, it is so new that few have enough knowledge or experience to fully trust and implement it. ABEL plans to act as the link between the two, providing education and resources so Vietnam’s financial sector becomes one of the globe’s largest and earliest blockchain adopters.

Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi
IBL’s President Junya Yamamoto and Bank Strategy Institute’s Pham Xuan Hoe stand with their teams after signing an MoU

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is the nation’s central bank and majority stake owner in the country’s largest listed bank by capital. Given their power and importance, they must constantly strive to stay up-to-date with the latestglobal trends and technologies while simultaneously ensuring reliability and complete security. Blockchain technologies have therefore been on their minds for some time and last week they took a major step in utilizing them when one of their entities, the Bank Strategy Institute, signed an MoU with ABEL for research and development strategies.
ABEL will accompany help provide technical expertise for establishing a regulation sandbox related to researching how the industry can best take advantage of blockchain from a managerial perspective. Both parties plan to give significant attention to regulations and compliance standards. Pham Xuan Hoe, the deputy director general for the Bank Strategy Institute serves on the steering committee and acted on behalf of the bank to sign the agreement.
ABEL also discussed with Nghiem Thanh Son, the Deputy Director of the SBV’s Payment Department, the ways in which ABEL can help department adopt blockchain technology. They spoke about potential training efforts as well as developing a collaborative R&D system concerning remittances and P2P lending. Such undertakings would bring the department to the forefront of industry innovators.

Asia Blockchain Education Lab's Expansions in Hanoi
IBL’s President Junya Yamamoto and his team with Deputy Director of Payment, Nghiem Thanh Son and his team

By working with government and financial sectors in Hanoi, ABEL can help steer the country’s acceptance of blockchain. Once the technology is fully understood by top government and financial institutions (two of the largest, most important sectors in the nation), people in different fields will be more interested in exploring it as well. It is IBL’s belief that such high-profile endorsements can accelerate the speed in which blockchain can revolutionize people’s lives.

Expanding Presence in Hanoi and the World

ABEL’s formal partnerships with the two Hanoi universities and collaborations with SVB help raise IBL’s profile in the pivotal city. The activity coincides with other recent events, such as IBL’s Head of Corporate Marketing, Nicole Nguyen, speaking at “Blockchain and its Business Implications” workshop earlier this month. The company also signed an MoU with startup incubator, Innovatube, to speak at the upcoming Hanoi conference and exhibition, “Innovatube Frontier Tech Summit”.
By spending more time and becoming more connected in the capital, IBL has the opportunity to collaborate with the key government and industry leaders who devise and implement regulations, investments and initiatives for the entire nation. Similarly, it gives IBL an opportunity to meet and nurture the city’s gifted young talent who will be the blockchain leaders of the future. Providing our experiences and perspectives to these communities will help ensure that the nation adopts proactive, enthusiastic stances on the technology.
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