IBL Promotes Blockchain Education with Robusta Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL Promotes Blockchain Education with Robusta


January 18, 2018

Whether it’s everyone and their grandmother Googling how to buy cryptocurrencies or tea companies simply adding the term blockchain to their name and witnessing a huge spike in their stock price, 2018 is the starting out as the year of blockchain. But those inside FinTech, RegTech and other industries have known about technology for years and understand its true potential to impact businesses and institutions across all sectors. For this to happen however, regulators, consumers and developers must all fully understand the core technology that rests beneath the hype and trends. Blockchain education efforts are critical for having the technology achieve ubiquitous mainstream adoption beyond the hype.
While blockchain was first seen as a disruptive technology, directly antagonizing current structures, it quickly progressed to one that cooperates with, supports and integrates with existing frameworks and systems. It therefore makes sense that blockchain education would rely on traditional avenues. To reach its goals of nurturing an educated and passionate blockchain ecosystem in Vietnam, Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) has partnered with many top universities in the nation to establish courses, labs and instructional material. They also have recently announced partnership with leading technology training center, Robusta, to increase people’s understanding of blockchain and how best to harness it for their businesses, institutions and industries.
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About IBL

Students at Infinity Blockchain Labs’ Blockchain Lab at HCMC University of Technoloy
Infinity Blockchain Labs is a visionary R&D company engaged in intermediary and RegTech services employing blockchain technology. It focuses on forming alliances with established businesses and regulatory institutions across various industries, as well as providing collaborative incubation for early stage blockchain projects and entrepreneurs. IBL is committed to educating and inspiring through partnerships with top universities, as well as focused outreach programs throughout the country and region. By designing and implementing blockchain education courses at major universities, authoring a blockchain textbook and fostering university labs, IBL is ensuring Vietnam will lead in tomorrow’s blockchain innovations.

About Robusta

IBL Promotes Blockchain Education with Robusta

Robusta is a technology training and education center based in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. It provides certificate-granting courses on a variety of technology topics including big data, databases, networking, cloud computing and security. They serve individuals as well as companies of all sizes with a flexible and forward-thinking curriculum. They aim to advance Vietnam’s technology sectors by providing the knowledge and experience required to thrive on a global level.

IBL and Robusta’s Partnership

Managing Director of Robusta Le Ngoc Son and IBL President Office Director Do Van Long
In December, IBL and Robusta signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a formal agreement to collaborate blockchain education efforts. IBL will help Robusta implement specific courses about the technology by offering training, teaching and organizational assistance. The two will co-sponsor a workshop focusing on the technology as well as assist one another in general promotion of events, courses and opportunities to learn more about blockchain.
These joint blockchain education initiatives are certain to increase Vietnam’s understanding of blockchain and fluency in its use. Educated developers and managers will be eager to use blockchain to maximize their products and services, while regulators understanding of its safety and reliability, will establish favorable frameworks that allow it to flourish. Blockchain education collaborations like the one between Robusta and IBL are helping lead the way to Vietnam establishing itself as a global blockchain hub.
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