Blockchain Development Can Secure Crime Evidence, the UK Ministry of Justice Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Development Can Secure Crime Evidence, the UK Ministry of Justice


January 2, 2018

The UK Ministry of Justice published a blog post on November 2, discussing how blockchain blockchain development can prevent crime evidence tampering.
Blockchain Development Can Secure Crime Evidence, the UK Ministry of Justice
Alistair Davidson, the technical architecture lead of the UK Ministry of Justice claimed that, blockchain development can help verify the integrity of digital evidence such as documents, emails, and video footage. He believed that blockchain could be applied to cryptographically verify the data, so to ensure the evidence brought in court is exactly identical to the one recorded and has not been tampered with.
The following passages are adopted from GOV.UK 1 :
Blockchains are an example of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – an authoritative system of record where everyone who subscribes to the blockchain gets a permanent record of every transaction. Once an entry is written to the blockchain, it cannot be altered by anyone, and everyone can see when and by whom it was added.
This means there’s a single source of truth, but no need for everyone to ‘just trust’ a single authority – trust is distributed and decentralised amongst the users.
We’ve been looking into how DLT could improve government systems. This property of distributing trust could be genuinely transformational in situations where public trust of government might not be taken for granted.
As the blockchain is distributed, append-only, and near real-time, even the most ardent conspiracy theorists could verify for themselves that the evidence has not been tampered with  – there could be no possibility of records being falsified after the fact without detection.
Of course, this is only a “thought experiment” at this stage, and there are many hurdles to  overcome for a real-world implementation. But the possibilities of revolutionary technology to transform not just government, but society as a whole, are genuinely exciting
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