Blockchain Development Highlighted at BlockShow Asia - (IBL)

Blockchain Development Highlighted at BlockShow Asia


December 29, 2017

Like an ambitious lichen expanding across a rocky precipice, blockchain development continues to impact on countless sectors and regions. There is no greater sign of its prominence than the many conferences devoted to be taking place in the world’s largest cities. This month Singapore hosted BlockShow Asia 2017 to highlight the many innovations and seemingly endless potential for blockchain. Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) attended to share insights, make connections and talk about the white label solutions offered by their newest product, Infinito Wallet (

BlockShow Asia 2017 – Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development Highlighted at BlockShow Asia

BlockShow Asia 2017 built a bridge between the Asian and Global Markets for blockchain development. The conference welcomed over 1000 participants, 50 speakers and 50+ exhibitors to unite the community and help build consensus among global and Asian industry players. It gave special attention to fostering dialogue between the community and governments and to achieve structured and logical regulations.
The event attracted blockchain startups, investors, founders, C-level executives, lawyers, and developer. Presentations and discussions were designed specifically for people planning to implement blockchain development in an existing business such as music, supply chains, medicine, AI, digital identity and many more. Carefully selected startups presented their groundbreaking solutions to potential investors. Previous presenters Bancor, Status, Etherisc and Solarchange have raised a combined $200 million. Up to 10 very carefully selected blockchain projects started their crowdfunding right at BlockShow. The event was THE place to be to find out about releases of new products, partnerships, deals, and launches.
The event was sponsored by Cointelegraph, an online publication offering the latest news, breakthroughs and analysis from the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain development, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web. Being a known leader in the cryptocurrency information market, Cointelegraph welcomes anyone who strives to educate oneself in and be aware of new financial and technological innovations,
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Infinity Blockchain Labs and the Importance of Regulation

Blockchain Development Highlighted at BlockShow Asia

Ellena Ki, Product Marketing Head, Cris D. Tran, Director of Projects, and Jack Nguyen, Product Director at BlockShow Asia

IBL understands that blockchain’s future is not in disrupting current industries, but enhancing them. To do this, trusting, collaborative partnerships with governments will prove critical. Through events like the RegTech World Tour, IBL is committed to educating regulators and fostering relationships between innovators and officials.
A key part of this education process involves speaking engagements, and BlockShow Asia was another example. IBL Project Director and QRC Director, Cris D. Tran moderated a panel titled “The Governmental Pattern for the Blockchain Adoption” with Muhammed Arafath, Director of Blockchainand Mastura Ishak, Programme Director, Blockchain at MIGHT in Malaysia. They offered their experiences in helping governments understand what blockchain technology is and why it should be trusted.

Blockchain Development Highlighted at BlockShow Asia

Mastura Ishak, Cris D. Tran and Muhammed Arafath discuss the importance of regulation compliance

While each panelist had different case studies and examples, a familiar theme emerged – compliance is key and patience is critical. In general regulators in most countries are receptive to the technology but must be thorough in their review. Only through slow and careful education can the institutions gain the necessary knowledge to create the necessary frameworks.
Ignoring the regulators and trying to subvert the law however, all three stressed, is a recipe for disaster. Regardless of how seemingly safe or legal a blockchain-based operation might be, ignoring regulations will only bring trouble in the future, both for companies and the entire blockchain ecosystem. Cris explained that “your technology might be great, but that isn’t enough. Compliance is what will set companies apart in this next stage of blockchain development.”
Events like BlockShow Asia are just the type of learning experiences that will lead to a world where governments are familiar enough with blockchain to see its potential and safety. When that happens, there is no limit to how far blockchain can advance.

Infinito Wallet at BlockShow

Blockchain Development Highlighted at BlockShow Asia

The Busy Infinito Wallet Booth

In addition to its contribution to conversations regarding blockchain regulation, IBL was eager to share their newest product and KYC / AML / ICO platform, Infinito Wallet at BlockShow Asia. The multi-coin wallet is the ideal solution for managing numerous coins, including all ERC20 tokens. Infinito Wallet offers optimized costs and unrivaled transfer speeds. And to better help users manage their accounts, all transactions will include memos and be downloaded for offline record keeping. Furthermore, by supporting numerous languages, the technology is available to more people in the world than any other wallet. Because it it registered in the Isle of Man and features of its source code can be accessed online, you can trust it is a secure, fully compliant solution for managing your cryptocurrencies.
Some of the key developers and marketers behind the wallet were in attendance to connect with seasoned crypto-investors and newcomers eager to learn what wallet might be perfect for their needs. The team was kept busy explaining the wallet’s many functions, talking about the technology fundamentals and explaining how it can be used by individuals to fully access the new and expanding cryptocurrency world.
Infinito Wallet is also available as a white label solution. Companies and businesses can partner with IBL to recieve the wallet’s underlying technology to meet the specific needs of different parties. Features, functions and appearances can be modified while the wallet’s core security and functionality remain. Product Marketing Head,Ellena Ki explained that the event was a terrific opportunity to introduce the ecosystem together with Infinito Wallet and explore businesses opportunities. At the same time, it was interesting to showcase Wallet & API services into various industries.

Infinity Blockchain Labs as Vietnam Blockchain Ambassador

BlockShow Asia was one of dozens speaking engagements the blockchain R&D company has attended this year. As the country’s leading experts on the technology, it aims to share a passion for blockchain development and educate outsiders as to its power. IBL hopes that when more people across industries learn about blockchain, they will be eager to adopt it. Through speaking engagements and the forthcoming activities, IBL is expanding the blockchain communities and striving towards a future where Vietnam is recognized as a global hub for blockchain use and development.
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