Blockchain Development - IBL Builds with Largest Venture Fund in South Korea Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Development – IBL Builds with Largest Venture Fund in South Korea


January 15, 2018

Part of blockchain’s appeal involves its ability to seamlessly connect people and institutions regardless of region. It therefore makes sense that partnerships in the blockchain development sector form across national boundaries. These partnerships are essential for not only sharing information and experiences but for creating the necessary scaffolding for blockchain to expand across the globe. Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) has long understood the importance of such partnerships and is therefore thrilled to be officially working with South Korean blockchain incubators, Hashed.

Blockchain Development - IBL Builds with Largest Venture Fund in South Korea

Hashed – a Community Accelerator

Hashed aims to provide young companies and entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise to flourish while expanding awareness of blockchain on the global scale. Their #HashedLounge gives investors and developers, a chance to meet face to face to discuss groundbreaking new ideas and projects. They hold both educational and technical (developer) meetups and conferences to inspire and build awareness for blockchain development. It is the largest and the first blockchain venture fund in South Korea, and also one of the largest investors in quite a few blockchain leading projects including Omisego and Kybernetwork – two most recent prominent projects endorsed by Ethereum founder – Vitalik Buterin.

Infinity Blockchain Labs – A Technology Pioneer

Infinity Blockchain Labs is a visionary R&D company engaged in intermediary and RegTech services reliant on blockchain development. As a pioneer in the technology, IBL hopes to help blockchain impact as many diverse fields and technologies as possible to nurture global development. To do so, IBL relies on a wide range of expert partners for creating projects, holding conferences and workshops, and sharing knowledge.
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A Deepening Partnership

Blockchain Development - IBL Builds with Largest Venture Fund in South Korea

Hashed CEO and founder Simon Seojoon Kim and IBL President Junya Yamamoto

In December 2017, IBL and Hashed signed an official Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement emphasizes the two companies commitment to joint blockchain development and research projects and publications, exchanges of publications, materials; exchanges of laboratory or researchers; joint conferences and workshops; collaboration on blockchain events, accelerator or incubation program and other related technology events; collaboration on blockchain community building in Korea and Vietnam; supporting and collaborating on media. The agreement, signed by Hashed CEO and founder Simon Seojoon Kim and IBL president Junya Yamamoto is an official step in a relationship that will promote blockchain development for startups and communities.
The partnership is already having a significant impact on the blockchain community. In addition to cash prize, UCLEAR, first place winner of the Blockathon, Vietnam’s first blockchain hackathon, received an incubation opportunity with Hashed. The team will travel to Korea and at the #Hashedlounge meet with experts and investors while receiving technical and business advice. The experience will give the young group of entrepreneurs an opportunity to take their initial crowd lending idea born at the Blockathon and begin to turn it into a real-world product.

Christmas Meetup

Blockchain Development - IBL Builds with Largest Venture Fund in South Korea
One of the most effective ways to share knowledge is in person. IBL and Hashed therefore held a free meetup open to the public on December 20th at IBL’s Innovation Hub to provide information on blockchain development and incubation opportunities in their respective countries.
Blockchain Development - IBL Builds with Largest Venture Fund in South Korea

Chief Technical Training Leader, Ha Bui describes the blockchain landscape in Vietnam

The evening began with IBL Chief Technical Training Leader, Ha Bui leading attendees through a detailed examination of the blockchain landscape in Vietnam. She detailed who in the country is using blockchain and for what. Her presentation highlighted sectors most interested in adopting the technology, such as banking and finance and identified key players already experimenting with it. The presentation closed with a detailing of the steps that remain for Vietnam to become a global blockchain power, such as increasing trust and education, developing regulatory sandboxes and promoting collaborative partnerships and incubation efforts.
Blockchain Development - IBL Builds with Largest Venture Fund in South Korea

Simon Seojoon Kim Introduces Korea’s Blockchain Landscape

Simon Seojoon Kim – CEO and Founding Partner of Hashed, spoke next. His speech was like that of Ha’s, except it focused on South Korea. Unlike Vietnam, cryptocurrencies, with Ethereum in particular, have already achieved wide and mainstream visibility. Simon claims this is because of timing, tax laws and technical environments (South Korea has fast internet, highly educated population and wide computer access). He explained that regulations are generally favorable. Similarly, in Korea businesses and institutions are eager to adopt blockchain and invest in its development. He quoted, for examples, ByungMok Lee, the head of Bank of Korea who claimed “The future of digital finance revolution will come from blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The underlying infrastructure of Cryptocurrency.” Simon closed his presentation with a discussion of Hashed and how even in a nation obsessed with cryptocurrency and blockchain, there is the need to invest in and support entrepreneurs from within and outside the nation.
The two countries, as revealed by the presentations, occupy different levels of blockchain development. That difference only reveals the importance of collaboration. Knowledge and resources shared between companies and individuals in both regions can benefit. The raw enthusiasm and potential of Vietnam can benefit from the experiences and resources of South Korea. In turn, South Korea has much to gain from tapping into the new ideas and untapped markets in Vietnam,

The Power of Collaborations

The meetup and MoU are simply the first in what will be a fruitful relationship between IBL and Hashed. The events and incubation efforts that provide exposure to vast networks of experts and investors are certain to have a large effect on blockchain communities in Vietnam and South Korea. This partnership exemplifies the relationships that IBL seeks. By sharing goals, resources and support IBL can work with other groups to help blockchain technology achieve its full global potential.
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