Blockchain Development Will Seriously Change Tourism Industry Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Development Will Seriously Change Tourism Industry


December 19, 2017

On November 3, the head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Tourism, Oleg Safonov, claimed at the Kazan Tourism Forum 2017 that blockchain development will seriously change the tourism market in the coming 5-10 years.
Blockchain Development Will Seriously Change Tourism Industry
According to the Russian News Agency TASS report1, he stated “We are absolutely convinced in our federal agency that blockchain will seriously change the tourism market, although, in our opinion, it will happen not in two years but in 5-10 years.”
Safonov stated that blockchain development can be used to improve the quality of services for tourists. It allows tourists to work directly with service providers, removing all the intermediaries. This results in a product that is  better in quality, less expensive and also increases the provider’s responsibility for the product.
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On the other hand, while Russia is inhibiting the use of cryptocurrency, it seems to have a positive attitude towards blockchain technology. As reported 2 earlier, the officials foresee that blockchain development will find broad use in state administration in the short term.
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