Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide - Connect With IBL Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide – Connect With IBL


March 16, 2018

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain have become the hottest keywords in recent times. However, few of people know that behind the investment opportunities to make money with Cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology and the application of Cryptocurrency is much larger.
It is easy to see that not many of people are knowledgeable about the blockchain, how they work, what is the core of their technology. So, University lectures around the world have build a blockchain education system, have begun to introduce this core technology, which widely disseminates knowledge of this technology. (1)
Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide - Connect With IBL

The works related to Blockchain is increasing

Recently, a company specializing in software development – NashTech – has forecasted trends in technology dominance over the next two years, including Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR), … and Blockchain is one of them. (2)
The works related to Blockchain is increasing. Nearly 10,000 people on the Blockchain website list who said that they have skill about Blockchain, half of them in the technology sector and one fourth in the financial industry. The majority, who listed Blockchain as a skill on this site based in the United States, besides that is England, France, India, Germany and the Netherlands.
Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide - Connect With IBL

The University in the world provide the Blockchain education system

In 2014, David Yermack at New York University organized the first Blockchain class. The course is run by the NYU Stern School, initially only a few students. Then, many famous universities like Stanford, Duke, Princeton also held a few blockchain education system. However, there are many difficulties and challenges, such as lack of documentation, lack of professors have extensive knowledge of the Blockchain technology.
But the need to learn about this new technology is growing. “I am sure that all universities will have blockchain education system in next five years, a researcher in Blockchain technology. Many universities want to start now, but the lack of professional professors is a big barrier. ” said Joseph Bonneau.
Coursera, an educational technology company, has partnered with Princeton University in its 11-week blockchain and education. Three years ago, a group of experienced Blockchain operators established BlockChain University in California, an eight-week course for students who had to pay $100 when the course was completed.
Blockchain’s other educational initiatives in London and Hamburg called B9lab provide blockchain education network in 40-hour for technical managers and analysts at a cost of €2,350 for a training course in 9 weeks.
Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide - Connect With IBL
Aggelos Kiayias, President of Network Security and Privacy, Director of Blockchain Technology Lab at Edinburgh University, said: “Blockchain technology is a recent development and there is always a bit of delay when the academics catch up.” (3)

Blockchain education system in the IBL

Infinity Blockchain Labs has many projects about Blockchain education system: (4)

IBL launches first university lab

Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide - Connect With IBL
Earlier 2017, IBL launched Vietnam’s first ever blockchain course at seven top universities across the country. The course consists of three expert-led, multi-month classes aimed at teaching students basic fundamentals and theory as well as advanced application and experience. In the final blockchain course students have the chance to conduct hands-on research by creating pre-projects.
For the pre-projects, each university utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology to address a relevant problem or subject. For example, at Bach Khoa University, students are examining how blockchain certificates can revolutionize agriculture. This research will now be made much easier thanks to the establishment of a blockchain-exclusive lab space at the university.

First ever Blockchain Workshop

On November 18, 2017 at An Giang University, IBL hosted a workshop to foster interactive discussions so researchers and companies could debate the impacts of blockchain. Faculty members gave lectures exploring adaptation options, planning strategies, new procedures for operation and management, and capital/infrastructure improvements that support research on blockchain applications.
Objectives included introduce the basic of Blockchain technology, reviewing the role of blockchain in social problems, Introducing research projects using blockchain technology and identifying next steps to advance blockchain research. Topics included certificates for verifying and supporting systems, notary services, decentralized voting applications, agriculture market place, IoT applications, profile sharing system and Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) selections.

Asia Blockchain Education Lab’s

Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide - Connect With IBL
Asia Blockchain Education Lab’s (ABEL) is one of Infinity Blockchain Labs’ (IBL) most ambitious and accomplished projects, and now is a great time to take a closer look at its plans and goals for revolutionising Vietnam’s blockchain education system and R&D.
One of the ABEL’s leaders, Do Van Long, President Office Director at IBL who has 9 years experience as Head of Research & Development at the Institute of Information Technology – Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology and 7 years experience as a Chief Technology Officer, summarized that the project’s core idea is that IBL are “the blockchain experts so we will build the community here, and Vietnam will become the global blockchain hub”.
ABEL is one of IBL’s core initiatives to holistically develop the blockchain community in Vietnam. Blessed with a young, eager and educated community of students and enthusiasts and supported by an engaged government, the nation is primed to be a global blockchain leader.  In addition to their hosting of ENIGMA (the #1 blockchain contest in Vietnam), blockchain club and monthly workshops, ABEL is an example of IBL’s leadership role in community growth.
Blockchain Education System Among Universities Worldwide - Connect With IBL
Asia Blockchain Education Labs has partnered with some of the nation’s leading institutions. The students and staff at the universities represent the brightest, most motivated individuals as Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach Khoa University), Information Technology Institute, Vietnam National University, Da Nang University of Science and Technology, Binh Duong University (BDU), Can Tho University (CTU), An Giang University, Dang Minh Tuan , Dr. Huynh Tuong Nguyen (HCM University), Dr. Nguyen An Khuong (Bach Khoa University), Nguyen Duc Dinh Nghia (Bach Khoa University), Mai Duc Trung (Bach Khoa University), etc and are therefore the ideal collaborators for IBL’s blockchain experts.

About Infinity Blockchain Labs

Infinity Blockchain Labs is a visionary R&D company engaged in intermediary and RegTech services employing blockchain technology. We focus on forming alliances with established businesses and regulatory institutions across various industries, as well as providing collaborative incubation for early stage blockchain projects. We aspire to empower Vietnam to become a global leader in blockchain.
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