Blockchain Regulation: National Tax Agency of Japan Released a Q&A Regarding the Tax Calculation. Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Regulation: National Tax Agency of Japan Released a Q&A Regarding the Tax Calculation.


January 30, 2018

On December 1, 2017 the National Tax Agency released a statement relating to blockchain regulation titled “Tax Calculations on Cryptocurrency Investments.”
Tax is charged if:
Converting cryptocurrencies into a legal currency
Purchasing items with virtual currency
When virtual currency is exchanged for another virtual currency
Regardless of how assets are stored.
Under current tax laws, tax is not charged for holding cryptocurrencies. If sold or exchanged, however, up to 55% tax may be charged, calculated proportionately to value. Furthermore, future legislations may see “20% tax on assets considered shares.”
Blockchain Regulation: National Tax Agency of Japan Released a Q&A Regarding the Tax Calculation.Below, quoted from the National Tax Agency HP regarding blockchain regulation:
In principle, profits arising from selling or using virtual currency such as Bitcoin are classified as miscellaneous income unless taxed as business income (requires income tax filing).
Losses arising from the calculation of the amount of miscellaneous income can not be totalized with other income.
Cryptocurrency acquired via mining is subject to business income or miscellaneous income taxation. The calculation of profit is as follows: profit – necessary expenses = taxable income

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