Blockchain Research and Spotlight on Adviser Nguyen Duc Dung Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Research and Spotlight on Adviser Nguyen Duc Dung


November 23, 2017

As blockchain transforms the world with its unrivaled speed, security and transparency of data storage and exchange, numerous other similarly innovative technologies are emerging. Breakthroughs like Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to revolutionize how the world interacts and people live. And because none of these technologies exists in a vacuum, collaboration and integration can maximize potentials. It is therefore imperative that Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) has working knowledge and expert relationships in a diverse range of new technologies including blockchain research.

Machine Learning

Today, we have access to more raw data than any person could examine, let alone make sense of. But machine learning, a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed, can. Computer-based intelligence systems are able to take in that massive amount of data and using complex algorithms, provide well-reasoned and calculated support for humans to make decisions.  Based on client, patient, customer and market behavior, computers can provide advice for humans to act upon in financial, medical, consumer and other fields.

How Blockchain can Support Machine Learning

Because the blockchain can securely store and transfer data, it can play an obvious role in machine learning. Computers can store, receive and organize the data central to machine learning on the blockchain in a faster, more safe and efficient way than traditional methods. Thanks to blockchain’s support, machine learning will empower decision making across sectors – doctors will be able to make better treatment decisions, bankers can make wiser investments and companies can better meet the needs and desires of their customers.
At IBL, we are interested in researching how the blockchain can power machine learning. Because blockchain and machine learning have such and varied wide-reaching potentials, we must conduct significant blockchain research and planning. Before developing applications or products that unite the two, we have to develop a deep understanding of machine learning and experiment with the many different theories for how to integrate it with blockchain. While IBL has many expert developers and researchers, we know having similarly experienced machine learning experts will help us fully embrace the technology for collaborate

Blockchain Research and Spotlight on Adviser Nguyen Duc Dung

Introducing Machine Learning Expert, Nguyen Duc Dung

Nguyen Duc Dung is a machine learning expert and Infinity Blockchain Labs advisor.  He is a lecturer and researcher at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) in the Computer Science department, CSE school. His research involves Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Image Processing fields and involves in object detection, image captioning, chatbot, speech, etc. Nguyen holds a PhD and Masters degree in Computer Science from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul.
Nguyen will provide researchers and developers with an expansive understanding of machine learning and explore how it can be enhanced by blockchain research. The partnership will provide valuable theoretical knowledge to global communities as well as help drive future products and services. He will help conduct research, write reports, support projects and assist in developing products and services.

IBL’s Commitment to Diverse Knowledge and Blockchain Research

Nguyen’s contribution to IBL and the inclusion of machine learning reflects the company’s core belief in developing diverse solutions and ideas. Blockchain has the potential to impact so many different technologies, sectors and regions, and IBL wants to understand and empower as many as possible. Flexibility and a broad range of knowledge is necessary to fully integrate. It is therefore necessary to partner with the greatest minds in different areas. With the help of Nguyen and others like him, IBL can ensure blockchain is adopted in far-reaching ways, with Vietnam at the center of the development.
“Everything is brand new and there is so much potential, so it is a very exciting time to be involved” Nguyen says of his involvement and the future of blockchain research and machine learning.
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