Workshop series: #4 Smart Contracts - When code becomes law

Blockchain workshop series: #4 Smart Contracts – When code becomes law


October 29, 2016

“Blockchain” and “ smart contract” are two of the most prominent buzzwords in the tech community. Their promising envision of a decentralized future spanning over a wide spectrum of services sets the foundation for the new peer-to-peer economy. Applications in Fintech, self-driving car, smart home and smart city are just some astounding examples of how these forefront technologies can re-shape human’s future! Also such technologies promise novel grounds for startups in Vietnam and Asia to exponentially thrive in local and global market.
In the hope of helping you to visualize the endless possibilities of this futuristic tech, Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) hosted our fourth workshop on “Smart Contract – When code becomes law” at our office in District 1, Ho Chi Minh city Saturday, October 29th 2016.
Blockchain workshop series: #4 Smart Contracts - When code becomes law
Following the success of the monthly workshop series of Infinity Blockchain Labs on blockchain technology, the workshop draw a demographically diverse group of attendees from different backgrounds and interests. The atmosphere was very engaging and thought-provoking as the audience posed a lot of questions on the concept, use cases and also restrictions of blockchain and smart contract technology.
Ms. Ha Bui kicked off the workshop by making sure everyone in the room had a common understanding of blockchain. With enriched blockchain insights accumulated as a former lecturer at Alabama University, she described blockchain as an encrypted data structure which represents as a digital ledger of transactions supported and shared among a distributed network of computers. Blockchain deploys cryptography to allow each participant on the network to view and access the ledger in a secure way without any central authority or any possibility of data manipulation and mutation.

Blockchain workshop series: #4 Smart Contracts - When code becomes law

Ms. Ha Bui – Former lecturer at Alabama University sharing on the blockchain and smart contract foundation knowledge

Ha also inspired the audience through various use cases in healthcare, social network and social voting, which triggered numerous individuals to pose questions, concerns and express particular interest in setting up their own startups using this revolutionary tech.
The excitement was built up even further in the following session by Mr. Collin Thompson – Co-founder and Managing Director of Intrepid Ventures, Hong Kong cum. Investment Promotions Ambassador of Invest Hongkong. He subsequently shared a brief introduction about his company in Hong Kong and an overall picture of entrepreneurship and startup with smart contract technology in Vietnam and Asia in general. He also pointed out the importance of smart legal contract in transcending the boundaries and restraints among countries.

Blockchain workshop series: #4 Smart Contracts - When code becomes lawCollin Thompson – Co-founder and Managing Director of Intrepid Ventures, Hong Kong cum. Investment Promotions Ambassador of Invest Hongkong sharing on entrepreneurship opportunities with blockchain and smart contract technology

Our audience was quite impressed by his sharing and also inspired by the Blue Ocean strategy he referred to. Collin raised his unique understanding about smart contracts in the eyes of an entrepreneur and stated that the emergence of cross-border and dedicated startups in blockchain technology such as IBL can be the inspiration for local startups to think out of the box and step up out of their comfort zone to sail to the ocean of uncertainties and possibilities.
Around 80% of the participants rated satisfied and very satisfied with the workshop proceedings. Over half of participants were fascinated by the presentation and smart contract’s demonstration while over  ⅓ of the audience also enjoyed the networking opportunities.
We would like to express big warm thank you to all the participants and commit to accommodate inputs from the participants and strive our best for upcoming events. We can’t wait to see you at our next workshop in November to showcase the best on-trend applications and startup opportunities with the forefront technology of blockchain. See you very soon!
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