Blockpass Lists PASS Token on Four Key Exchanges Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockpass Lists PASS Token on Four Key Exchanges


August 1, 2018

Digital identity creation platform Blockpass has announced it is listing its native utility token, PASS, on four confirmed exchanges. Having begun with Cryptopia this week, in the coming weeks PASS will be listed on Gatecoin, HitBTC and Lykke, with more exchanges to follow. This is exciting news for the Blockpass PASS token as it grows to a wider audience with wider acceptance.
Blockpass Lists PASS Token on Four Key Exchanges

The PASS Token

PASS tokens are ERC20 standard tokens that function as discount vouchers for the Blockpass identity application. Blockpass will issue a finite number of 1 billion PASS tokens of which 250 million PASS tokens will be available for purchase during the Initial Token Distribution Event (TDE) from authorized distributors up until November 30 this year. The PASS tokens available from distributor partners throughout the Initial TDE will be priced at 0.40 Euro per PASS token.
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As a self-sovereign identity platform, users are able to establish, verify, store and manage their own identities, maintaining full control over all data involved. Blockpass released its fully functioning mobile application for iOS and Android at the end of April.
Blockpass will continue to run an airdrop campaign with partner Infinito Wallet until 12 August 2018, and each participant in the PASS airdrop will receive 40 PASS tokens.
Blockpass Lists PASS Token on Four Key Exchanges
“Blockpass is always working to build our ecosystem of compliant, innovative solutions and offerings,” said Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass. “Listing the PASS Token on these key exchanges means that we are able to expand that offering, and continue to bring new users into the Blockpass ecosystem, increasing the value of our offering to our partners.”
Blockpass has announced a number of key partnerships in the recent month, including the establishment of a world-first advanced blockchain identity research laboratory, the Blockpass identity Lab (BiL), in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University.
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What is in Blockpass Identity Lab (BIL)?

Located in Edinburgh Napier University’s Merchiston campus and run by Professor Bill Buchanan, BIL is aimed to push identity research further. One of the lab’s key focuses is on Zero-Knowledge Proofs, which is the ability to validate the authenticity of information without having access to, or knowledge of, the information. With ZKP, Blockpass would allow a user to maintain complete control and confidentiality of their data, whilst providing merchants proof that the user fits the criteria they are required to conform to.
The other focus of the research will be on homomorphic encryption, which enables computation to be carried out on encrypted data as if it were unencrypted. Therefore, encrypted data can be analysed without revealing it in its raw form — further enhancing the privacy of a user’s personal information.
Understanding this, Blockpass has made efforts on improving and developing apps to alleviate this problem. Blockpass Identity Lab has been established with the mission to carry deeper research and development in this field and provide a path to the ultimate goal of true-self sovereignty.
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