DevCon 3 And Ethereum-Empowered Blockchain Development Infinity Blockchain Labs

DevCon 3 And Ethereum-Empowered Blockchain Development


November 13, 2017

If you ever questioned the insatiable interest in Ethereum, you only have to look to Devcon3. Thousands of ethereum enthusiasts gathered at the conference in Cancun, Mexico last week to discuss the popular blockchain. Developers, programmers, regulators, business executives and entrepreneurs were on hand to share information, ideas and experiences related to blockchain development, its potential impacts, and various use-cases.
Infinity Blockchain Labs was there to contribute to the conversations and discuss its revolutionary identity verification system, Blockpass.

DevCon 3 And Ethereum-Empowered Blockchain Development

What is Devcon3’s Contribution to Blockchain Development?

Devcon3 is the largest Ethereum conference in the world held by the Ethereum Foundation. It invites participants from all over the world to give presentations on research and development. The four day conference includes the brightest minds in blockchain development including a keynote address given by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum foundation executive director Ming Chang. The goal is to further individuals’ understanding and implementation of blockchain development technology as well as foster collaborations, information sharing and project awareness

DevCon 3 And Ethereum-Empowered Blockchain Development

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The View from the Conference – Not a Bad Place to Be in November

On the first day of the conference, the Ethereum team explained the many changes to the technology, structure and adoption of Ethereum in the last year as well as visions for the future. The second day focused on important projects and technical developments such as crypto nodes, security approaches, smart contract evolutions, token creation and payment channels. This highly scientific day was followed by two days discussing and presenting applications with real-world implications. Speeches and panels focused on topics including building Ethereum-based marketplaces, key management, random number generation, payroll services for temporary workers, humanitarian applications, transportation and energy.
At the event, not only did the experts offer technically nuanced descriptions of their projects and ideas, but they took great effort to showcase the technology in accessible and impressive ways. For example, during a favorite demonstration, a company named Slock was able to unlock a microwave from across the convention center by sending Ether that then paid for the device to
make delicious popcorn! Those in attendance to the conference about blockchain development came away with not only deeper understandings of the wide-reaching potentials of Ethereum, but excited by the ingenuity and creativity of the community developing for it.

DevCon 3 And Ethereum-Empowered Blockchain Development

Ethereum on Center Stage

IBL in Attendance to Enhance Awareness of Blockchain Development

As a leading R&D team focusing largely on Ethereum, Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) couldn’t miss this event. Business Director Thomas Leiritz was present to learn from the talks and engage with other enthusiasts. He spent the week talking with developers and executives working on the cutting edge of ideas and detailing projects no one could have even conceived of two years ago. “It was incredible to see the development of the community, and the variety of applications. The event certainly gives us confidence that Ethereum is the future,”. He said upon his return.
Thomas was also there on behalf of Blockpass, a revolutionary identity verification protocol developed in partnership with Chain of Things. The Ethereum-based system securely and seamlessly verifies one’s identity and aims to connect humans, devices and things in a near-future of complete integration. Thomas and Chain of Things co-founder Hans Lombardo discussed Blockpass with Ethereum experts who were very interested to learn more about its technological underpinnings, potential impacts, business goals and partnership opportunities.
It become abundantly clear that no exactly similar platform exists, yet the need for it is massive. The blockchain development conference gave the team confidence that the world is ready and eager for Blockpass

IBL’s Larger Goals Involving Blockchain Development

To remain a leader in blockchain, IBL members must be aware of all new developments in blockchain communities and technologies. It is imperative then, that they connect with vast, international networks of like-minded individuals and share information about blockchain development as often as possible.
In the past six months, members have attended conferences in Berlin, Boston, Hong Kong, Kiev, London, Malaysia, Mumbai, Singapore, South Africa and elsewhere to further those goals. Not only do these events serve as great learning moments, but they connect the company with potential partners, collaborators, customers and advisors. Thanks to the expertise gained and connections made at these events, IBL can continue to lift Vietnam into a global blockchain powerhouse
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