Duane Morris Advises Infinity Blockchain Labs on Regulations and Legal Frameworks Infinity Blockchain Labs

Duane Morris Advises Infinity Blockchain Labs on Regulations and Legal Frameworks


January 3, 2018

Infinity Blockchain Labs was founded on the belief that blockchain technologies will be thriving in the future, only if they integrate with the world by adhering to regulations and legal frameworks. Not only does IBL ensures that all the products and services it develops are fully compliant, it makes efforts to educate the community on the value of complying with all laws and regulations.
The R&D company has tirelessly promoted compliance standards that can be adopted by blockchain players across fields and industries. IBL aims to help usher in a robust understanding of and trust for compliance that will allow blockchain technologies to be more rapidly and widely adopted.

Legal Counsel

Duane Morris Advises Infinity Blockchain Labs on Regulations and Legal Frameworks
Duane Morris Vietnam LLC (“Duane Morris”) advises IBL on Vietnamese regulations relevant to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. The firm also assists with advocacy activities in connection with related applications. IBL and Duane Morris further collaborate on monitoring changes in legal frameworks and tax regulations around the globe with particular attention paid to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) standards so as to support the establishment of successful norms and infrastructures in the field.
With Duane Morris’ input on legal and regulatory matters, IBL hopes to have the deepest possible understanding of all relevant laws and regulations, so that it can comply with them and share such experience with others. IBL strives to build expertise in the field of legal compliance and help partners and collaborators to use the technology responsibly. Likewise, by setting such a precedence, other companies, institutions and individuals will aim for similar high standards of compliance. When governments, investors and adopters can be confident that the technology is used in accordance with all laws and regulations, it will be easier for it to impact the world in profound ways.

About Duane Morris Vietnam LLC

Duane Morris Vietnam LLC is a law firm with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It is part of the global network of Duane Morris LLP, a law firm with more than 750 attorneys in offices across the United States and internationally. The firm provides innovative solutions to legal and business challenges to a broad array of clients.

About Infinity Blockchain Labs

Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) is a visionary R&D company engaged in intermediary and RegTech services employing blockchain technology. We focus on forming alliances with established businesses and regulatory institutions across various industries, as well as providing collaborative incubation for early stage blockchain projects. We aspire to empower Vietnam to become a global leader in blockchain. Blockchain regulation is essential for its wide-scale adoption. When large institutions, governments and companies understand and trust it, there is no limit to the fields and sectors it can impact. As blockchain believers, it is IBL’s goal to help spread this knowledge. Through the (FCV and similar community engagement opportunities, IBL will make reality a world where Vietnam is a pivotal hub for a world that runs on blockchain.
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