ECHELON VIETNAM 2016 - Unleashing the next Asian dragon

ECHELON VIETNAM 2016 – Unleashing the next Asian dragon


November 21, 2016

As the annual rendezvous for IT enthusiasts, business entrepreneurs and lifestyle advocates, Echelon Vietnam offers two days full of inspirational talks, thematic discussions and networking opportunities for investors and startups in Vietnam and the region.
The two day conference is brimmed with panel discussions and speeches from key venture funds, Fintech companies and IT advocates. All the speakers converge at the acknowledgement of increasing wealth and attraction of Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. Despite its underdeveloped status, the startup ecosystem in Vietnam is building up quickly thanks to the contribution of international venture funds, government organizations and regional players.
ECHELON VIETNAM 2016 - Unleashing the next Asian dragon

Plenary and fire-side talks fill the two day Echelon with exciting and interactive discussions

The event unleashes numerous highlights other than speeches and discussions. Undoubtedly the exhibition area captures immediate attention from the participants with diverse menus from design platform, digital wallet, ridesharing application to electric scooters! Interestingly a blockchain-based timestamping application has made its way to the exhibition booth and captured the audience attention thanks to embedding the innovative blockchain technology into existing timestamp services.
Additionally, the pitching stage drew almost all lights of the second day as 10+ startups competed on the stage for the prestigious title of top 100 Vietnam startup qualifiers. AZ Stack, Copyrobo and Designbold are the winners, showcasing the caliber of Vietnam manpower and ambition to reach out to global market. Other captivating ideas of BankGo, LeXis, Checkit also unveil the melting startup hotpot in Vietnam where the young and tech savvy population is fueling an increasing incoming flow of investors and startup founders to Vietnam.

ECHELON VIETNAM 2016 - Unleashing the next Asian dragon
Pitching stage of Echelon is undoubtedly one of the hottest spots in the house!

The event successfully culminated with an afterparty at 2F Beer garden. Obviously this is neither the end nor the start of the stakeholders trail in targeting the next Asia’s dragon.  However Echelon and follow up events are prominent catalysts in facilitating a more healthy and invigorating startup ecosystem for local and regional goods.
Infinity Blockchain Las (IBL), among the participant, has networked with perspective partners including Timo, Codecamp, Copyrobo and called for more attention for the spearheading technology of Blockchain. Please stay tuned for our upcoming business contest, events and workshops to join us as pioneers in Blockchain movement in Vietnam and the region!
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