ENIGMA #4 BOOTCAMP - Recipe for a successful business plan

ENIGMA #4 BOOTCAMP- Recipe for a successful business plan


March 18, 2017

Last Saturday, CARDANO Lab Vietnam / Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) was excited to continue hosting #4 bootcamp for ENIGMA – #1 Blockchain business contest in Vietnam at Saigon Innovation Hub, District 3.
All applicants from across the country attended this half-day training to highlight the importance of business planning en route to ENIGMA final round.
We were so happy to see those expectations exceeded, with a packed room of approximately 50 participants including contestants and their mentors since early morning. After 3 bootcamps on Blockchain technology, participants share their interest and eagerness to learn more about business planning to brush up their final submissions.
Mr Long Do – Fintech Director of  Infinity Blockchain Labs started the day by profoundly going through 8 methods to strengthen sensitivity to information. The first and most important way is using Google Alert to gather latest and most related news. It takes only 3-4 minutes to assign some keywords then you will be updated with interesting and relevant news everyday.
ENIGMA #4 BOOTCAMP- Recipe for a successful business plan
Trainer explains different ways to strengthen sensitivity to information to the audience
Grouping people from different backgrounds normally leads to opinion conflicts, disarray and lots of miscommunication – however, if all team focus and steer towards the same direction, their collective power is unlimited. Therefore, Mr Long Do also emphasized the importance of team spirit and listed out key ideas to activate the productivity of a whole team as “Part of being successful as a team requires coming together as a team.”
ENIGMA #4 BOOTCAMP- Recipe for a successful business plan
Each team presents their competitors review in front of trainers & mentor
Up next, representatives from each team came on stage to present their competitor review – a critical part of business plan in front of business trainers, technical trainers as well as mentors. Most teams prepared relatively informative analysis into competitive landscape, however some teams still did not deep dive into their competitive edge against other players in the market. Therefore, trainers and mentors panel delivered one-to-one feedback and recommended on next steps for each team to ensure all teams are well-informed and well-prepared for Semi Final round.
There are 2 weeks left till the Final Round of ENIGMA and we are thrilled to see how teams have learnt and grown through their journey with ENIGMA. Please follow our blog and contest updates to keep abreast to how this technology is now capturing people’s attention in Vietnam and the world.
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