IBL and Infinito are Coming to JUNCTION 2018! Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL and Infinito are Coming to JUNCTION 2018!


November 20, 2018

IBL and Infinito are Coming to JUNCTION 2018!
Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) and its collaborative partner, Infinito, are on their way to Helsinki Finland for JUNCTION 2018, Europe’s largest hackathon event! Taking place on the weekend of November 23rd through 25th, Junction 2018 will gather over 1,300 developers, designers, and techies, and entrepreneurs from 86 different countries under one roof for an awesome weekend of creating.  IBL and Infinito will be there to support Infinito Phoenix, the winner from JUNCTIONxHanoi 2018.
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After winning the competitive JUNCTIOnxHanoi challenge, Phạm Minh Tuấn, Vũ Tùng Dương, Lưu Quang Tùng, Lâm Hà Thái, Hoàng Sơn Tùng from Infinito Phoenix (formerly Team Phoenix) will be representing Vietnam at the event and IBL and Infinito are there to support them!  The team of 2nd and 3rd-year students from the University of Technology, Hanoi National University, are being sponsored by Infinito in their pursuit of winning the ultimate prize in Finland.
IBL and Infinito are Coming to JUNCTION 2018!
In preparing for their trip to Finland, the team has been researching and brainstorming for new ideas to meet the tougher tracks of this competition.  The technology framework used in the upcoming competition is quite different and the team has worked hard to gear up for the challenge.

Support from IBL and Infinito

Infinito Phoenix is not alone in their preparation for JUNCTION 2018 as they have the support of IBL and Infinito.  As a co-sponsor, Infinito is providing technical support as well as financial support for their journey to Finland.
IBL and Infinito are Coming to JUNCTION 2018!
This support is above and beyond the support already provided by IBL and Infinito at hackathon JUNCTIONxHanoi 2018.  In addition to IBL’s Platinum sponsorship of JUNCTIONxHanoi 2018, Infinito and IBL also organized seminars to help the team clearly understand the track and clarify technical concerns.  Also, the team received wonderful and enthusiastic mentoring by Infinito’s Product Manager, Jackie Pham, and the rest of the Infinito team at the event who assisted during the 48 stressful hours.
Vietnam is our headquarters and home so we are always looking to inspire our country’s young talents through our various initiatives.  Infinito Phoenix is extremely honored to represent Vietnam in Finland and we are proud to support the team in their pursuit of greatness.
IBL and Infinito are Coming to JUNCTION 2018!

About Junction 2018

Junction is the largest hackathon event in Europe and one of the largest events held annually in Helsinki. The event brings together thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world to work on solutions for multiple challenges (tracks) from local and multinational companies including legal tech, space, AI, big data, mobility and more. Junction challenges come from companies like Finnair, European Space Agency, Kone, Elisa, Nordea and more. The winning team will receive 20k euros.
Junction is a part of Major League Hacking and is also the largest hacking event in Europe.  Junction is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization composed mainly of students from different Finnish universities.  It is owned by the non-profit foundation Startup Säätiö, but gathers all of its funding from the partnership contracts between its partner companies.

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