IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi


October 18, 2018

IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi

Team Phoenix celebrates their win

Europe’s largest hackathon competition came to Hanoi October 12th through 15th for JunctionxHanoi 2018 and Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) was a proud be a platinum sponsor! IBL attended the event alongside our collaborative partner, Infinito, that provided one of the challenges for participants and provided the guidance of their Product Manager, Jackie Pham, who delivered a powerful speech and supported the young developers.
Co-organized by Hanoi University along with the American and Finnish Embassies, JuctionxHanoi 2018 was created for young enthusiastic Vietnamese developers of as a local version of Junction (Helsinki, Finland) – Europe’s largest Hackathon competition.   Over 300 young Vietnamese talents including university students, tech startups, and technology enthusiasts gathered for the high energy contest
IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi

Dancers from Hanoi University during opening ceremonies

Teams were given 48 hours to create a unique idea on three different tracks given by sponsors.  Tracks were different based on the sponsor as Infinito’s was based on blockchain applications.  Creative ideas came in the form of websites, phone applications, any other technology-based products.
The winning team, Team Phoenix, won a prize value up to 100 million VND ($4,250 USD) and tickets to represent Vietnam in Helsinki, Finland.   Europe’s largest Junction event.  Europe’s largest Junction event – attracting over 1500 participants from more than 90 countries around the world, in Helsinki (Finland) in November 2018

Inspirational speeches for the young developers

Mark Tran, IBL’s Corporate Marketing leader, kicked off the event with an inspiring opening speech in which he talked about the power of Infinity.  Mark explained that every person has limitless potential do anything he or she wants so long as they have the ambition.  The human spirit is strong and capable of anything, individuals just need the confidence and drive to push the limits to reach infinity.  
IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi

Mr. Mark Tran discussing the power of infinity 

Soon after that, Infinito’s Product Manager, Mr. Jackie. Pham, took the stage to discuss blockchain technology and ways in which it is changing industries.  Jackie took time to discuss Fruitchain, IBL’s leading blockchain-based food traceability solution in Vietnam and used it as an example of how blockchain is being used to transform traditional industries. He introduced the Infinito Ecosystem, a platform encouraging innovative blockchain solutions.  After his speech, Jackie went on to introduce the Infinito track leg of the event.  
After the event, Jackie stated that “[W]e are proud to accompany JUNCTIONxHanoi 2018, the first time Junction comes to Vietnam. Personally, I am inspired by the hard work and passion of young developers, designers, entrepreneur participants, and voluntary organizers from everywhere; and totally blown away by their accomplishment in less than 48 hours using Infinito SDK / API. Such an amazing experience has strengthened our belief in our vision – building Vietnam to be the global hub for Blockchain technology.”

IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi

Mr. Jackie Pham takes a selfie during his speech


Infinito’s track challenge

Infinito hosted a track in which contestants were to create a solution for loyalty point exchanges between franchises in the form of a website or mobile app.  The track was among three others but was the most popular option among the eager participants. The participants were given the first time publicly-released Infinito SDK and API and tasked with using it in developing their products.  At the end of the 48 hours, Infinito was also tasked with judging their ideas and creations.
The track set up a scenario in which noodle chains, veggie chains, and airline chains establish an awards program where customers can cash out for rewards after accumulating a certain number of points.  Participants were asked to provide a solution that allows customers to exchange their loyalty points from one company to another using blockchain technology and Infinito SDK.
IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi

Mr. Jackie Pham mentoring the teams

Infinito’s judging criteria came down to three areas.  First, Infinito judges wanted to see the participants’ utilization of Infinito API/SDK in interacting with blockchain for their projects.  Judges next looked for the amount of creativity in projects.  Lastly, judges gave points for the potential scalability of a project in looking for the likelihood of growth potential in an application.  
Infinito’s senior engineers Mr. Thinh Tran and Mr. Huy Hoang delivered the tech seminar knowledge about Infinito SDK and smart contracts.  The two presented on the technology then provided mentoring to each of the teams competing within their track.
At the end of 48 hours, participants submitted their work to be evaluated by Infinito judges to select the best three teams. Afterward, the teams presented their project on stage along with the top six teams from the two other tracks. Final evaluation featured 12 prominent judges including Junction CEO, Co-founder of Tomochain, CEO of InfoRe Technology, Co-founder of Kyber Network, and two Faculty Heads from Hanoi University along with 2 representatives from each track.
IBL and Infinito Partner to Inspire at JUNCTIONxHanoi

Team Phoenix from Infinito’s track and was chosen as the Hackathon champion as they successfully satisfied the judging criteria of technology utilization, creativity and scalability. IBL and Infinito are extremely excited about their victory and are thrilled to see the team perform at the global scale competition in Finland this November.

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