IBL Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


December 6, 2017

Banco Santander, JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, CME Group, National Bank of Canada, ING, Mitsubishi UFJ, Microsoft, Intel, UBS, and San Francisco Stock Exchange – and now Infinity Blockchain Labs! As of this month, the Vietnamese R&D company is one of the first Vietnamese startups to be an official member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) – the world’s largest open-source blockchain project.

IBL Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

What is the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance?

Founded in February, 2017 by a collection of multinational companies, the EEA is a group of more than 200 Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors devoted to Ethereum. The community of industry experts is committed to developing features and enhancements to Ethereum driven by the needs of those adopting the technology. It is especially concerned with researching, developing and discussing permissioned networks, privacy, performance, scalability, integration and interoperability.  It aims to support and promote ethereum technology best practices, open source reference architectures, and open standards.
The group is driven by bottom up discussion and a ‘rough consensus’ decision making process to create a clear roadmap for enterprise features and requirements, robust governance and accountability models, IP and licensing standards for open source technology, resources for businesses to learn about Ethereum and leverage this groundbreaking technology to address specific goals. It also fosters collaborations, settles disputes and seeks areas of mutual interest.
The EEA is not a product, but rather an open source standard that addresses and leverages existing standards and public developments. The overall goal is to help companies share information and resources to allow companies, individuals and institutions to best take advantage of the technology while simultaneously promoting its global adoption.  According to an official press release, the EEA will “evolve Ethereum so that is can serve as an enterprise-grade technology.”
Earlier this year, ConsenSys chief of staff Jeremy Millar explained “by banding together the key adopters, supporters and shapers of enterprise usage of Ethereum, we are seeking to provide a platform not only for the technology, but also to provide the governance and tools to create a standard for ‘Enterprise Ethereum’.

Events and Activities

The EEA regularly circulates news and research internally and to the public through social media and conventional news channels. To most effectively share resources, build relationships and discuss topics, the EEA holds regular meetings, workshops, summits and conferences around the world. Open to the public, these events are a way to disseminate information and raise awareness of blockchain.

IBL Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

EEA meetup in New York City with demos from J.P. Morgan, Zcash, ConsenSys, Datarella and TruSet

Rapid Development

Since its high profile founding, the EEA has attracted more than 150 additional top companies and institutions from every industry and region. According to Julio Faura, chairman of the board at the alliance, “EEA’s rapid growth in membership mirrors the accelerating acceptance and deployment of Ethereum Blockchain solutions in the global marketplace. The technological breadth, depth and variety of organizations coming together under the auspices of EEA to create and drive enterprise Ethereum standards bodes well for the future development of the next-generation Ethereum ecosystem.”
As the world continues to recognize the power and potential of Ethereum, the alliance will play a pivotal role. Relying on the expertise and resources of its members, the world can be confident that the technology is being developed, implemented and regulated safely, effectively and according to a sound vision.

An Exciting Opportunity for Infinity Blockchain Labs and Vietnam’s Blockchain Ecosystem

IBL is very excited about the opportunities for Vietnam presented by being an official member of the EEA. As an ecosystem leader with strong partnerships with top universities, banks, regulators, and startups, IBL is committed to nurturing Vietnam’s blockchain landscape. It is committed to sharing information and resources to help Vietnam become a blockchain hub through conferences, courses, contests, alliances, workshops, speaking engagements and incubations. As IBL becomes stronger and smarter, so does Vietnam’s blockchain ecosystem.

IBL Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Final Round of ENIGMA – Vietnam’s first blockchain business challenge, led by IBL

The alliance promises a myriad of collaborations with leading businesses across different countries and industries to further explore and leverage Ethereum. Not only will IBL be able to develop joint products, services and resources, but it will be able to learn from the greatest minds working with the technology.
The EEA reflects and reinforces many of IBL’s core beliefs: collaborations and partnerships are the key to developing Ethereum and expanding its adoption; regulation and compliance are integral to its implementation; the technology is an important conduit between individuals and companies / institutions.
IBL is honored to be one of the first Vietnamese entities to join the EEA. This position will help IBL promote Vietnam as a regional / international hub to international players while also allowing the company to share valuable knowledge with domestic players. Thanks to the EEA, IBL and Vietnam will continue to develop as essential players in the global development of Ethereum and by extension the improvement of lives and industries.
Find out more about the EEA at https://entethalliance.org/
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