IBL Spreads Awareness About the Changes That are Coming Due to Blockchain Technology Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL Spreads Awareness About the Changes That are Coming Due to Blockchain Technology


May 18, 2018

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are popular topics in the news these days but many people are unclear on what makes these technologies so different. To help clarify the difference, Danette Wallace from Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) delivered a high-profile speech regarding blockchain technology and how it can completely change business structures and enable emerging markets all over the world. IBL strives to generate public awareness, facilitate ecosystem growth and foster knowledge exchange, further positioning itself as a strong community partner that contributes to blockchain development in Vietnam.
IBL Spreads Awareness About the Changes That are Coming Due to Blockchain Technology

Ms. Danette Wallace from Infinity Blockchain Labs shares her expertise and profound knowledge

Blockchain, best known as the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency bitcoin, has proven to be an irreversible advancement that is disrupting various industries and the way the world does business. Additionally, cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin in particular, have been growing in popularity as a major source of long-term investments and as a solid store of value, with an ever-larger number of people buying and selling them. Now that Bitcoin has hit the mainstream and become a worldwide phenomenon, more people than ever are looking to get into the cryptocurrency game.
However, the production of cryptocurrencies isn’t anything like that of regular money. And before getting to grips with the cryptocurrency investment, we need to understand the concept of its underlying technology – blockchain, how it actually works, and how it can support the functions of cryptocurrencies.
Comprehending this phenomenal trend, Singapore Business Group HCMC (SBG) hosted the seminar entitled “Raffles Night: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Talk” on May 3rd at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza. The seminar was co-hosted with fellow business chambers, including Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham), Belgian – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam (Beloux Cham), British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV), Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (CanCham), to name just a few.
IBL Spreads Awareness About the Changes That are Coming Due to Blockchain Technology
The event was hailed as a great success with an excess of 155 attendees, along with the prestigious presence of four industry experts to share their insights and opinions regarding the blockchain and cryptocurrency relations. The prominent line-up of speakers presenting at the seminar included:

  • Mr. Robert Vong – Co-founder of Blockfin Asia
  • Ms. Danette Wallace – Business Development Consultant, Infinity Blockchain Labs
  • Mr. Filippo Buzzi – Head of the Blockchain Desk of Fidinam Hong Kong
  • Mr. Dominik Weil – Co-founder and COO of Vietnam’s First & Leading Digital Asset Exchange

IBL Spreads Awareness About the Changes That are Coming Due to Blockchain Technology
It is well-known that blockchain & cryptocurrency is still a controversial topic around its impacts and effectiveness. Yet people are uncertain whether if it is truly useful to their lives or just a scam. In this light, the seminar provided an overview of the basics of blockchain and digital currencies, plus an in-depth analysis of their characteristics, significance, challenges and opportunities. Particular topic areas discussed at the seminar included:

  • Blockchain: What’s the hype? – Presented by Mr. Robert Vong
  • How can blockchain revolutionize our daily lives? – Presented by Ms. Danette Wallace
  • Cryptocurrency: Future or Fad? – Presented by Mr. Dominik Weil
  • Initial Coin Offering – Presented by Mr. Filippo Buzzi

IBL Spreads Awareness About the Changes That are Coming Due to Blockchain Technology

Danette Wallace answering questions from audience members after her speech during the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Talk.

Danette is a technology enthusiast who is working with Infinity Blockchain Labs as a Business Development Consultant to share knowledge about the value of blockchain enabled applications. Danette believes that true global change comes through science and technology. She has worked with multiple channels of communication from grass roots movements to global organizations such as TED to spread information about ways to advance systems and society. Her educational background began with a BS in Mass Communication from the University of Colorado-Boulder to an MS in Business Communication from Northwestern University. She is now dedicated to enabling advanced peer to peer (P2P) systems by helping to usher in the latest cutting-edge technology known as blockchain.

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