IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018! Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!


November 28, 2018

IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!
On December 2nd, 2018, Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) via its strategic mega project, Vietnam Blockchain Country (VBC), will introduce its new “Smart Ballot” application at the National Entrepreneur Innovative TechFest 2018. Smart Ballot is an innovative application that uses Blockchain technology to provide improvements to traditional voting and ballots.   Smart Ballot provides a new means of voting that simplifies the process while providing accuracy, immutability, and speed. A highlight of this voting solution is its transparency that, while respecting anonymity, allows any individual to verify the truth and accuracy of polling data.
IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!

Introducing Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018 

Blockchain will soon be the biggest change to human behavior since the invention of the internet.  Blockchain creates a new type of data structure (distributed ledger) for recording transactions that have occurred publicly on a decentralized platform including time-based peer-to-peer computers. There have been breakthroughs some areas of its application such as strengthening trust, accountability, and transparency, thereby reducing costs and procedures and creating immutability.  A distributed ledger is used as evidence to prove an event has occurred at a certain time.
IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!

Mr. Do Van Long, Regional Chief Strategy Officer, IBL, introduced Smart Ballot to users

Smart Ballot is a pilot project that delivers transparency, security and efficiency.  Smart Ballot brings a new approach to outdated voting methods.  Our blockchain based voting solution brings transparency to the voting process and ensures The Smart Ballot application uses blockchain to overcome inadequacies of the traditional voting methods that leave huge gaps in security against fraud and manipulation violations.
Smart Ballot will be introduced at the National Entrepreneur Innovative TechFest 2018 for voting participants in the semi-final and final. The process and method of voting are publicly available to all participants of the event. In order to ensure objectivity, Smart Ballot only accepts votes when a phone number corresponds to a QR code sent to the system. The system avoids fraudulent multiple votes and enhances maximum authenticity in counting voting.  Thanks to the benefits of blockchain, voting information is kept immutable and transparent on all nodes on the network.  Nobody can remove, correct, intervene, or manipulate any votes cast.

IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!

Smart Ballot Interface

Confidentiality is also important in a fair election since each vote needs to be protected and respected. Smart Ballot ensures the privacy of voter information and allows information to be authenticated and censored by public authorities or by any users. Receipts, censorship, aggregation, and voting results are also automated on a blockchain platform. This helps to shorten the polling process thereby saving time and manpower while ensuring maximum transparency, authentication, and security of voting outcomes. Smart Ballot is expected to meet the development requirements of 4.0 industrial revolution.

Download App Smart Ballot

Option 1: Scan QR code (2 versions for Android and iOS)
Smart Ballot for Android  IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!
Smart Ballot for iOSIBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!
Option 2: Search “Smart Ballot” on App Store/Google Play or follow the links:


Voting on Smart Ballot

  1. Open App, scan provided QR Code
  2. Fill in your phone number
  3. Press “Sign In”
  4. Fill your personal information (Name, Email, Organization)
  5. Choose the team you want to vote
  6. Press “Vote” to confirm


IBL proudly presented awards for Smart Contract Users and the most voted-for team in the Innovative Entrepreneur Contest in TechFest 2018.

Semi-final Round:

  • The most voted-for team, MedLink, received three vouchers totaling 80% value of a blockchain study course (USD1,200/each)

  • Three lucky people (random selected) received one voucher each totaling 80% value of a blockchain study course (USD1,200/each)

Final Round:

  • The most voted-for team, Tubudd, a travel application applying a local perspective, received three vouchers totaling 80% value of a blockchain study course (USD1,200/each)

  • The three winning teams, Abivin, VP9, and Medilink, received 3 vouchers totaling 80% value of a blockchain study course (USD1,200/each)

  • Three lucky people (random selected) received one voucher each totaling 80% value of a blockchain study course (USD1,200/each)

IBL to Introduce Innovative Smart Ballot at TechFest 2018!About Techfest 2018

Techfest Vietnam is an annual event hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and done in collaboration with other ministries and other socio-economic organizations. Techfest Vietnam 2018 will be hosted in Da Nang city on November with the guiding principle “FROM HERE. TO GLOBAL.” Highlighting this year’s event will be the participation of key players from the region and from around the globe such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and others.
In addition to the in-depth exploration and showcase of the eights specialized fields organized into the different Tech Villages, there will also be the Prime Minister’s Dialogue with Startups, International Policy Round Table on the subject of startups , booths showcasing Vietnamese and Foreign startups, live broadcast on VTV1 of Vietnam Television and last but not least a special Startup Roadshow across Vietnam which will travel across 11 provinces with outstanding startups ecosystem within the country.
Techfest provides information of frontier and fin tech trend such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. Moreover, the participation of Government and representatives of many ministries will bring attendees information about policies.
With the participation of Government, representatives of many ministries, more than 130 investors and over 250 startups, Techfest will create more connections through investment matching activities and networking party.
Techfest Vietnam creates opportunities for startups and investors to improve their capacity through pre-matching workshop series. Furthermore, this event is expected to create more than 250 business matching.

About Vietnam Blockchain Country (VBC)

Vietnam Blockchain Country (VBC) is a strategic mega project dedicated to transforming Vietnam into the world’s next blockchain ecosystem leader. The project aims to connect Vietnamese regulators, policy-makers, tech entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations that aspire to be part of the transition into the future.

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Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) is a visionary R&D company committed to advancing society with next-generation solutions. We are currently the blockchain ecosystem leader in Vietnam with a global reach. Our mission is to be the R&D engine that transforms future technology into practical applications for business and everyday life. Named one of the top ten blockchain technology solution providers in 2018 by APAC CIO Outlook, our 200+ employees at IBL aspire to empower Vietnam to become the global leader in blockchain research and development.
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