Infinito Wallet: Assets at Your Fingertips Infinity Blockchain Labs

Infinito Wallet: Assets at Your Fingertips


November 16, 2017

New cryptocurrencies are being released at a record pace with nearly as many wallets created to store the digital assets. Many of those wallets are designed to hold only one or two coins, thus requiring users to clog their phones with numerous apps. And the wallets that do support numerous coins often suffer from clunky interfaces, limited features or poor security. There exists a real need for a wallet that can solve these issues while appealing to seasoned crypto investors and newcomers alike.
Infinito Wallet: Assets at Your Fingertips

Infinito Wallet: Assets at Your Fingertips
Infinito Wallet: Assets at Your Fingertips

Introducing Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet, now available for Android smartphones and coming soon to IOS, is among the most complete wallet thanks to its support for an expansive list of top coins and the majority of all available tokens. Thanks to robust features and an intuitive design, sending, receiving and storing cryptocurrencies has never been easier.


There seem to be more cryptocurrencies today than there are possible letter combinations for their abbreviated names, and because of a near-daily stream of new tokens released by ICOs (initial coin offerings), the number is only increasing. No one wants to have to have to shuffle between different wallets for each, remembering numerous passwords and keys. The team at Infinity Blockchain Labs had this in mind when they designed Infinito Wallet. It allows users to easily manage a diverse and ever-expanding array of currencies including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and DASH. And to take advantage of new releases, the wallet supports the majority of tokens currently on the market. Users will now only need one wallet to send, receive, search for and store a full range of assets, making managing the crypto world fast and easy.

Infinito Wallet: Assets at Your Fingertips

Enhanced Features

Even if they can hold the same coin, not all wallets are created equal. Thanks to technological breakthroughs, Infinito wallet offers optimized costs and unrivaled transfer speeds. And to better help users manage their accounts, all transactions can include memos and be downloaded for offline record keeping. Further, by supporting 11 different languages*, the technology is available to more people in the world than any other wallet.

Total Security

Dealing with oft-fluctuating, intangible assets can be stressful enough, so no one should also have worry about the security of their wallets. Therefore, Infinito Wallet boasts extreme security measures. In addition to the inherent safety of the blockchain’s immutable decentralized ledger, the wallet includes several features to assure users that their currencies are safe. Before sending a password-protected transaction, users must unlock the app with fingerprint technology. And automated backups ensure that one’s data is always up-to-date.

Complete Compliance

While early blockchain and cryptocurrency activity may have been marked by disruption and a flouting of laws, the future is one of regulation and cooperation with government bodies.  In acknowledgement, compliance and transparency are two of Infinito Wallet’s most important features. The wallet is registered in the Isle of Man and its source code is available online** for external audit. A customer support and help desk provide assistance and full accountability.

The Difference Infinito Wallet Makes

Infinito Wallet is equally suited to seasoned cryptocurrency experts looking for a way to manage a multi-coin portfolio and frequent trades as well as those new to the technology seeking security and ease of use. As cryptocurrencies rise in value and variety, Infinito Wallet will be there to hold them all.

Infinity Blockchain Labs : The Team Behind Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet was created by Infinity Blockchain Labs team. The leading blockchain r&d company has numerous labs aimed at creating solutions for different sectors and partners with the goal of promoting blockchain adoption. IBL President, Junya Yamamoto explains, “Infinito Wallet utilizes IBL’s scalable research system to help spread blockchain technology.” In this way the company can help blockchain impact numerous fields while establishing Vietnam as a global hub for the technology.
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Infinito Wallet: Assets at Your Fingertips
* By the end Q4 Infinito Wallet will support English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian & Portuguese.
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**Source code will be released according to roadmap