Infinito Wallet Expands to Support EOS MainNet! Infinity Blockchain Labs

Infinito Wallet Expands to Support EOS MainNet!


June 20, 2018

Infinito Wallet now supports EOS MainNet! In addition to offering the leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin, Dash, and access to all tokens built on the leading smart contract blockchains such as ETH ERC20, NEO NEP-5, this incredible addition makes Infinito Wallet one of the first and only mobile wallets to offer this amount of universality! Along with its new cutting edge features and services, EOS MainNet support makes Infinto Wallet unrivaled among other mobile wallets!

Infinito Wallet Expands to Support EOS MainNet!

What is EOS and why is this announcement so exciting?

EOS is a decentralized platform that allows anyone to create, store, and execute blockchain-based applications (dApps) on its system. What makes EOS stand out is the ability to resolve weaknesses of recent blockchain-based systems like poor transaction speeds and scalability.
EOS offers a unique mechanism allowing parallel transactions and focuses on asynchronous smart contracts (“ASCs”). It separates all modules related to dApps operation to prevent congestion during times of high traffic. More specifically, all transactions can be executed at the same time without having to wait for their turn. It is estimated that EOS can execute around 300,000 transactions per second and this is a huge difference compared to that of Ethereum (5.2 transactions per second).
Amazingly, EOS model eliminates transaction fees and developers do not need to pay any cost to run their applications on the EOS platform.

What is a MainNet?

A “Mainnet” is the original and official main version of a blockchain. It enables digital currency to be transferred between senders and recipients and perform pre-default tasks. A mainnet has already passed necessary test trials on a testnet.
In launching a mainnet, the blockchain becomes available for users. For EOS, its mainnet launching means that individuals and businesses can now start to develop, host, and execute any decentralized apps and conduct transactions on the EOS plattform.

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Infinito Wallet Expands to Support EOS MainNet!Infinito Wallet Expands to Support EOS MainNet!

How does Infinito Wallet support EOS?

How does Infinito Support its Users?

Infinito Wallet users can now trade EOS! For users who already registered their ERC20 based EOS tokens by using Infinito Wallet’s quick and easy three-step EOS Registration, those tokens are now transferable on the EOS MainNet.
There is no need to worry about wallet mapping, single or dual private key modes. Infinito Wallet’s team always takes care of all the problems affecting cryptocurrencies such as the recent BCH hard fork so users can focus on what matters most, growing their investments! Whether you are a crypto trader looking to store your digital currency in a secure wallet with access to industry leading universality, or you are running an ICO, this wallet makes your life easy!
Infinito Wallet’s team knows its users are highly interested in EOS so they devised solutions to support them as much as possible. Integration with EOS and other services allows users to realize the rich potential of the expanding EOS ecosystem to achieve profits and a priceless experience.

What other advantages does Infinito Wallet offer?

Infinito Wallet also recently released some other new benefits! Users who held Bitcoin prior to the August 1st 2017 hard fork are now able to claim BCH. Infinito Wallet welcomed Ethereum Classic (ETC), allowing its users to safely store and trade ETC. And, the wallet now supports the newly released Blockpass PASS token which revolutionizes Regtech, KYC (know-your-customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) technology.
Here are some of the fantastic features that Infinito Wallet offers users:
Security: Only you own and store your password and passphrase. Your passphrase is always encrypted on your phone by an advanced algorithm based on your password. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can restore your assets using your unique 12-word passphrase that is generated upon creation of a new wallet.
Light weight & HD: Trade and store cryptocurrencies while not bloating your phone. Our wallet is lightweight and will not not eat up your data.
Price optimization: Transaction prices are competitive.
Enhanced speeds: Transactions are fast and efficient. We provide 24/7 maintenance and regular updates to our blockchain gateway.
Multi-Wallet: Seamless transition between various wallets for effortless trading and portfolio management.
Contacts Management: Stores list of frequently used addresses for hassle-free transactions.
Language support: Support for 10+ languages by Q3 2018: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Portuguese, & Russian.
Touch ID: Easy and fast app access without sacrificing security.
Transaction memos: You can attach messages to transactions for precise record keeping.
Portfolio overview: A chart that displas the value of your Fiat in real time. Compares the current price with those within the last 24 hours.
Price change alert: Set price change alerts that monitor specified cryptocurrencies.
Export transaction history: Enables users to export their transaction history to a .CSV file and emailed for better record keeping.
If you have yet to experience the wealth of benefits provided by Infinito Wallet (, treat yourself to the universality and services provided by the innovative Infinito team and download the wallet today!
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Infinito Wallet Expands to Support EOS MainNet!

Positioning as a leading universal wallet for crypto users, Infinito Wallet serves as a gateway for users to maximize usage and potentials of their cryptocurrencies. By selectively expanding their partner network, Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of practical blockchain services including exchanges, ID/KYC solutions, and other blockchain-related business services. At the same time, Infinito Wallet helps support communities of developers and businesses with an open blockchain infrastructure of technologies and compliant-ready services, so that they can seamlessly build, launch, and operate innovative products and services efficiently.

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