Infinity Blockchain Labs Introduces Blockchain at FAIR

Infinity Blockchain Labs Introduces Blockchain at FAIR


August 25, 2017

Infinity Blockchain Labs Introduces Blockchain at FAIR
Once a year Vietnam’s greatest technical minds gather at FAIR (Fundamental and Applied IT Research) to share ongoing research in the world’s most important IT fields. The conference fosters large scale information sharing supported by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in collaboration with the University of Education Education, UD and scientific institutions. For the first time ever, the event featured  blockchain, as exclusively introduced by three Infinity Blockchain Labs presentations.

Fundamental and Applied IT Research (FAIR)

Infinity Blockchain Labs Introduces Blockchain at FAIR
Some of the Speakers at FAIR

400+ attendees, more than half of them PhD-holding professors, came to Da Nang to hear expert lectures on topics such as:

  • Applied computer science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bioinformatics computer security and cryptography
  • Data and network mining
  • Digital image/video processing
  • Health Informatics
  • Innovative computing systems and applications in S&T
  • Mobile network and systems
  • Multimedia and interactive multimedia
  • Network and information security
  • Theoretical computer science

Each of the 50 talks were supported by a research paper approved by a strict panel. By exchanging their knowledge, all included partners can more fully integrate breakthroughs from other fields and take advantage of the advanced research being performed throughout the country. The conference, organized this year by the University of Da Nang, University of Pedagogy, was a showcase of the impressive work being done across subjects reflecting Vietnam’s continued emergence into the forefront of global IT innovation.

Infinity Blockchain Labs at FAIR

Infinity Blockchain Labs Introduces Blockchain at FAIR
IBL Team Members and Partners at FAIR

Many of the conferences topics related to established and well developed fields. It is noteworthy then that blockchain, for the first time ever, was included amongst them. IBL and its close partners gave three presentations about the breakthrough technology to introduce the basics behind blockchain as well as present case studies and specific technological explanations. Many in the receptive crowd had heard of blockchain, but were not familiar with its specifics, nor how it could impact their own work. The day was therefore a grand unveiling of the revolutionary impacts it offers.
Infinity Blockchain Labs Introduces Blockchain at FAIR
Professor Dang Minh Tuan Provides Blockchain Basics as Keynote Speaker

Dang Minh Tuan, a close ally of IBL who holds a PhD in science and technology, and creator of Vietkey, was one of the blockchain presenters. As one of the nation’s foremost experts on cryptography and mathematics and author of numerous publications, his keynote speech attracted an enthusiastic crowd in the event’s largest room. He gave a basic overview of what blockchain is and what specific implications it might have in Vietnam, such as increased speed of financial transactions, enhanced ease and security for keeping of public records such as birth certificates, improved safety in natural resources and streamlining supply chains. The audience gained understanding of the technology and left excited to explore the ways they might implement it.
The second speech was given by Mai Duc Trung, a speaker at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology who received a masters in engineering from James Cook University in Australia and a bachelors in computers science from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He spoke about how blockchain can allow for digital signatures and delegated payments. One example he used for the technology is how a company president could securely and verifiably sign legally-binding contracts and authorize payments even when not physically present. Because of blockchain’s trust-producing transparency, it could drastically change how institutions connect with global partners and effectively operate in remote locations.
Infinity Blockchain Labs Introduces Blockchain at FAIR
IBL Researcher Tran Anh Dung Explains How the Blockchain Can Achieve Truly Random Number Generation

IBL’s in-house researcher, Tran Anh Dung, presented on flexible proof of work. He offered the complex technical explanation for how IBL harnessed the blockchain to produce a truly random number. The added security and transparency of the technology means the number’s true randomness can be observed, trusted and tested by interested parties.
All in attendance left with a clear understanding of the basic underpinnings of blockchain as well as ways in which it can be used in different situations. IBL President Office Director, Do Van Long said “today was a huge step for blockchain towards mainstream adoption. These are some of the top minds in Vietnam, and we are thrilled that IBL could introduce them to a technology that is certain to improve a lot of their work.” By leading others towards blockchain adoption, IBL is creating the ecosystem that will allow blockchain to flourish in Vietnam.

Lasting Effects of FIELD

IBL’s FIELD participation will impact more people than just those who were able to attend the conference. The three papers that were produced and reviewed by an expert panel will be published in the Conference Proceedings, and can therefore be read by scholars, teachers and researchers all over the country. Each approximately ten-page paper follows international formating and adheres to the highest research standards. These published papers will further IBL’s reputation as leading blockchain experts and produce an educated community in Vietnam able to adopt the technology and compete on a global scale.
The partners presenting in collaboration with IBL reflect the strength of the company’s network. The conference was not, however their sole joint work. Mai Duc Trung is currently one of several authors working together to write the first Vietnamese language textbook about blockchain with IBL team members. The book will help university and independent students easily engage with blockchain so as to implement in different contexts and raise Vietnam’s blockchain profile. Similarly, Dang Minh Tuan works closely with IBL’s Asian Blockchain Education Lab. He is one of the teachers leading the blockchain courses at Bach Khoa designed by IBL. In the multi-level courses, students learn the theoretical basics of blockchain as well as first-hand experience experimenting with it and designing real-world projects. Graduates have the knowledge to apply the technology in whatever fields they pursue.
The FIELD conference’s inclusion of blockchain is yet another sign that it is the technology of the future with implications for many diverse industries. IBL’s role as sole introducer of it reflects the company’s role in generating enthusiasm and understanding. The prospects for blockchain in Vietnam are looking bright and IBL will be there every step of the way, helping it empower everyone.
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