Infinity Blockchain Labs Deepens Banking & University Relationships in VN

Infinity Blockchain Labs Deepens Banking and University Relationships in Vietnam


July 24, 2017

Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) recently announced exciting new relationships with key players in the banking community and two major universities in Hanoi. This past week members of IBL’s Asian Blockchain Education Lab (ABEL) returned to Hanoi for developments in those strategic unions, further establishing the research and development company as Vietnam’s premier blockchain education and community leader.

Blockchain Training at SBV Bank – Banks Strategy Institute


Infinity Blockchain Labs Deepens Banking and University Relationships in Vietnam
ABEL members sharing at the Strategy Institute

IBL and the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV)’s Banking Strategy Institute have undertaken a formal relationship for research and development strategies (first announcement and description of the partnership can be found here). In addition to research on new Fintech technology, one of the partnership’s main goals is for ABEL to train the Bank Strategy Institute’s management about blockchain fundamentals and the technology’s potentials. Significant progress was made regarding that last aim this past week in Hanoi when ABEL leaders lead a blockchain course for dozens of employees. The lecture focused on blockchain basics as well as an introduction to the blockchain research being performed in the USA, India, China and Japan. Discussions also included case studies for how banks outside of Vietnam have implemented the new Fintech measures for increased abilities and efficiencies. It represents only one of many educating discussions that will help the Institute become an early-adopter of blockchain technology and responsibly lead Vietnam towards safe, lucrative development.

Official Member of Honor in Vietnam Banks Association

Infinity Blockchain Labs Deepens Banking and University Relationships in Vietnam
IBL President Junya Yamamoto and VNBA General Secretary of Vietnam, Dr. Thang with respective team members

As previously reported, the Vietnam Banks Association is Vietnam’s largest informal organization of banking and credit institutions in Vietnam. It gathers and motivates its members to cooperate and support one another in their operations. Representatives from the institutions exchange information, expertise and research and collaboratively converse with regulators. IBL is now the first and only blockchain entity to enter the organization as a member of honor and will help developers and educators understand and adopt the technologies. As IBL President Junya Yamamoto explains (reporting available in Vietnamese here), being in the association will help banks better solve social and economic problems thanks to blockchain’s significant power.

Building Digital Infrastructure for Future of Banking


Infinity Blockchain Labs Deepens Banking and University Relationships in Vietnam
Attendees prepare for the event to begin

To more deeply understand the banking landscape and goals in Vietnam and therefore most effectively lead in blockchain adoption, IBL attended the workshop “Building Digital Infrastructure for Future of Banking”. VNBA PwC and ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA) partnered to present the one-day event which focused on Vietnam’s fintech ecosystem and the state bank’s plans for the next three years. Those plans focus on the establishment of a steering committee, fintech research, surveys and a globally-focused seminar. By learning about the endeavors, IBL can proactively involve blockchain in the efforts. Similarly, by being as knowledgeable and connected as possible in Vietnam’s Fintech community, IBL will ensure that the nation has access to the blockchain expertise required for it to become a global-leading early adopter.

University Developments


Infinity Blockchain Labs Deepens Banking and University Relationships in Vietnam
ABEL leaders train the lecturers

IBL recently signed MoUs with two of the nation’s premier universities in Hanoi – Bach Khoa and the IT institute – as part of its larger efforts to foster a nation-wide community of passionate, educated blockchain experts.  For two days ABEL leaders meet with faculty members from the two universities to discuss course and research efforts. On the first day ABEL experts helped train the 10 PhD-holding teachers on blockchain and how to most effectively present it to their students. The next step is to design and implement community training courses.  On the second day they discussed potential topics for collaborative blockchain research, giving particular attention to areas in which the universities excel, such as IoT and e-governance.  

Impact of IBL’s Expanding Role in Hanoi as Community Leaders

By helping educate and collaborate with banking entities and universities in Hanoi, IBL is further entrenching itself as the most powerful and trusted blockchain resource throughout the country. Such a position will help Vietnam quickly adopt blockchain technologies in all sectors and regions and therefore lead Vietnam to great prosperity.
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