IBL Discusses Blockchain Traceability with Tien Giang People's Committee Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL Discusses Blockchain Traceability with Tien Giang People’s Committee


March 8, 2019

Tien Giang, March 6, 2019 – Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) attended the Conference “Sharing development models for rural cooperatives” with the Representative of Tien Giang People’s Committee and other enterprises on blockchain application in agriculture. Mr. Do Van Long, Regional Chief Strategy Officer, Infinity Blockchain Labs, proposed using blockchain technology aiming at enhancing brand as well as agricultural productivities through developing value chain traceability.
The meeting was attended by leaders of the Provincial People’s Committee, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Tien Giang Provincial People’s Committee, Deputy Director of Cooperative Development Department – Ministry of Planning and Investment, Chairman of Vietnam Cooperative Union, and representatives of some cooperatives in Ho Chi Minh City as well as 12 provinces in the Mekong Delta.

IBL Discusses Blockchain Traceability with Tien Giang People's Committee
Mr. Do Van Long, Regional Chief Strategy Officer, Infinity Blockchain Labs share on blockchain technology at the conference

The conference presented the situation of economic cooperation in Tien Giang and also shared some successful models of cooperative development in agriculture, trade and service in the province.
Mr. Do Van Long summarized the practical experience on blockchain-based traceability solution of agricultural products by the value chain. Blockchain technology is applied to transparent traceability through value chain to ensure product quality, minimizing fraud and risk in the supply chain, as well as improving the reputation and brand value in the market.
On that basis, Mr. Long proposed to apply pilot application of blockchain technology in developing Smart Agriculture 4.0 in Tien Giang. The high quality agricultural products that can be traced in the value chain will consolidate the local brand reputation. Since then, the model of agricultural economy and Community Agriculture has been expanded through a new Cooperative model. In addition, agricultural ecotourism is also a potential direction based on the exploitation and utilization of natural potentials and local specialties with geographical indications. Mr. Long introduced the idea of “Blockchain applied ecotourism handbook” with the aim of bringing technology to promote of Tien Giang province brand name.
Blockchain technology received attention from local authorities as well as cooperatives in 12 provinces in the Mekong Delta. The conference presented many new solutions to improve the effectiveness of the cooperative development model, especially in agricultural sector.
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