Infinity Blockchain Labs and NRI Startup India Lay Network Foundations Infinity Blockchain Labs

Infinity Blockchain Labs and NRI Startup India Lay Network Foundations


November 14, 2017

One of Infinity Blockchain Lab’s (IBL) aims is to expand blockchain use and awareness through wide and diverse networks and ecosystem growth. To achieve this, they rely on partnerships with a diverse group of companies, institutions, entrepreneurs and individuals. NRI Startup India is a US-based investment group that helps startups achieve their goal through tailored financial, knowledge and resource support. Together they can help blockchain solve problems across diverse fields and increase general awareness of the technology. This month marked the beginning of their collaboration.

Infinity Blockchain Labs and NRI Startup India Lay Network Foundations

About Infinity Blockchain Labs

Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) is a visionary R&D company engaged in intermediary and RegTech services employing blockchain technology. It focuses on forming alliances with established businesses and regulatory institutions across various industries, as well as providing collaborative incubation for early stage blockchain projects and entrepreneurs. By inspiring and nurturing a native blockchain community, it aims to empower Vietnam to become a global hub for the technology.
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About NRI Startup India

NRI Startup India is an investment group based out of Houston, USA with an extended presence in India, Canada, Germany and UK. Their objective is to identify startups at a global level and support them by providing the right resource per allocating in the form of capital investment, high-end knowledge, expertise and know-how to formulate and work at global level.

EDGE 196 Global Startup Challenge

Infinity Blockchain Labs and NRI Startup India Lay Network Foundations

One of NRI India’s core platforms, EDGE 196, showcases startup ecosystem news, events, challenges and stories across the globe.  A new and ambitious initiative of Edge 196 is the Global Startup Challenge 2017. It runs across 26 global clusters (196 countries) with the aim to identify start-ups that have the potential to become the next unicorn in the world. The three shortlisted startups are invited for online conference pitch session and the 26 winners are then offered term sheets and provided with an acceleration program run by one of EDGE 196’s global partners in India, UK, Canada, Singapore, and USA.
One winning start-up from each cluster (26 Clusters) will get an investment of 50,000 USD. And out of 26 winning start-ups, one will be selected for the grand investment of $1 Million USD. All those selected will be benefit from increased visibility and the opportunity to connect with investment and resource partners.
To enter, startups must be no more than five-years old and must have the potential to scale globally. The fintech startups should have a prototype or validation in the market and must also be able to prove traction in terms of revenue or clients. Full details and signup information below.

IBL and EDGE 196’s Partnership

In November, IBL and NRI India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a formal agreement to collaborate on the Global Startup Challenge. IBL will recommend startups from its community as well as promote and publicize the event through various channels. By being listed as a Challenge partner on official material, IBL will gain attention from potential partners in regions and sectors it has not yet established a presence. Similarly, IBL will forge connections with participating startups and other partners from around the world. The platform will provide IBL with a means to share information and news within an active and similarly-minded community.
By partnering and sharing connections and knowledge, the two companies can help spread blockchain awareness to diverse startup companies all around the world.

Signup Information for the Global Startup Challenge 2017

Applications run online until 10th December 2017 and can be submitted via the respective cluster page here:
If you have any questions or feedback, please free feel to contact
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