Infinity Blockchain Labs Nurtures a Booming Ecosystem

Infinity Blockchain Labs Nurtures a Booming Ecosystem


August 9, 2017

To truly harness the blockchain and revolutionize how industries, governments and individuals experience the world, Vietnam must have a healthy blockchain ecosystem. With ambitious and accomplished partners sharing information, research and goals the nation can become the world’s premier blockchain R&D hub. One of IBL’s core principles is helping found and foster this community. This past week, IBL focused on those goals by holding a pre-release event for the blockchain report that will be launched next month and speaking at Innovatube’s Frontier Summit Event.

Preparing for the Launch of Vietnam’s First Blockchain Landscape Report

To better assist regulators, businesses, entrepreneurs and students learn about the power and potential of blockchain, IBL is preparing a free report that will contain global and regional information about blockchain use and growth. The approachable document will help interested parties understand not only what the technology can do, but also how, where and to what extent it is being utilized around the world. It will also contain in-depth studies into Vietnam’s ecosystem including topics such as scope of startups, potential application areas and more. The document will be an essential tool for enterprises and organizations to most effectively approach adopt the breakthrough technology.
Infinity Blockchain Labs Nurtures a Booming Ecosystem
To help raise awareness and enthusiasm for the report, IBL held a free workshop, “Exploring the Vibrant Landscape” at the CirCO workspace in Ho Chi Minh City on August 2nd. The event began with Head of Corporate marketing, Nicole Nguyen, Chief Technical Training Leader, Ha Bui and former Enigma (Vietnam’s first blockchain contest) mentor Tien Dat Nguyen introducing blockchain principals and use statistics. The three spoke to the crowd of entrepreneurs and students from primarily finance and IT backgrounds about the current landscape in Vietnam and the trust issues inherent to the technology. It was a brief introduction to a technology that some knew little about.

Infinity Blockchain Labs Nurtures a Booming Ecosystem
Tien Dat Nguyen, Nicole Nguyen and Ha Bui begin the event by discussing blockchain basics

The second half of the workshop was an introduction to the report and invitation to contribute. For the rest of August, IBL is seeking input and feedback from those familiar and interested with the technology. The contributions will strengthen the report’s examination of the blockchain environment and make it more useful for those interested in exploring the technology.

The event ended with a passionate Q&A session. Attendees had numerous technical questions as well as inquiries about the technology’s tangible uses. Tien Dat Nguyen offered knowledge he gained as a PhD student at the University of Iowa and provided perspective on how people outside Vietnam approach the technology. He shared the challenges that blockchain will face, such as scalability and energy costs, while offering an optimistic view that it will soon be an integral part of the country’s agriculture, financial, identity and education sectors. Workshop events like this one and the report will go a long way in giving people from those fields the necessary knowledge to fully understand and take advantage of blockchain.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience for Future Technologies

Infinity Blockchain Labs Nurtures a Booming Ecosystem

Tien Dat Nguyen, Nicole Nguyen and Ha Bui begin the event by discussing blockchain basics

Innovatube, one of the region’s largest technology incubators and  long-time IBL collaborator, held “Frontier Tech Summit” in Hanoi on July 30th. It was the first event in Vietnam that covers 4 sectors of smart technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and blockchain. The one-day conference and exhibition gathered experts from Vietnam and the world to share their knowledge about implementing frontier technologies in real world projects. 400+ Vietnamese and international entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and top tech companies combined for a collection of speeches, panels, discussions and networking opportunities. The enthusiasm of the students, entrepreneurs and speakers exemplified why it is an exciting and lucrative time for new businesses and technologies in Vietnam.

Infinity Blockchain Labs Nurtures a Booming Ecosystem

Nicole Nguyen and Ha Bui both spoke on behalf of blockchain as well as shared their first-hand understanding of how startups leverage the technology in their business. Nicole spoke on two panels stressing the advantages of being an early adopter of new technologies. She explained how Vietnam has gains to make before it is a global leader in many industries, but can do so thanks to a young, educated population and stable, supportive government. While most Vietnamese companies now serve as outsourcing developers, with more investment and community growth, they will soon be able to transform domestic markets as well. Her experiences and observations gave listeners replicable examples for how to start and grow companies focused on global and domestic markets. By explaining common challenges and approaches and strategies for overcoming them, she imparted knowledge to help the eager community succeed. On a different panel, Ha spoke about the specific ways in which blockchain can integrate with specific technologies such as IoT. She also gave an overview of IBL’s
education courses which will further help nurture Vietnam’s nascent blockchain ecosystem. Most of the audience was unfamiliar with the technology, and the talk provided the pivotal first step in developing them into blockchain enthusiasts.

Fostering Sustainable Enthusiasm

With each passing day, more and more people in Vietnam hear about blockchain and become curious what it is and what one can do with it. The country therefore needs proactive groups and individuals that can serve as blockchain ambassadors and educators. IBL is the leader in that sphere. Workshops and speaking engagements like those in the last week do much for sharing knowledge. In addition to the information shared in the talks, the events provide crucial space for the networking that is crucial to a growing ecosystem. IBL understands that growth requires diverse inputs and activities.
The workshops and talks as well as community outreach, education efforts, media presences and publications are all ways in which IBL is increasing the visibility of blockchain in Vietnam. Along with their partners and allies, IBL knows it can develop Vietnam into a country that fully embraces blockchain across all sectors. In the future, Vietnam can witness significant economic and social prosperity thanks to the revolutionary effects of blockchain technology, as developed by domestic communities.
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