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Saigon Tech City


April 15, 2017

Saigon Tech City

Saigon Online Tech City, a major technology event, went live this month, and Cardano Lab / Infinity Blockchain Lab was thrilled to be involved.

The internet-based conference, which lasts from April 15th through the 28th, connects over 10,000 top tech talents with representatives from major figures in Vietnam’s rapidly expanding tech community to share insights, experiences and opportunities.

Saigon Tech City

Registration is free, and doing so gives students and professionals access to the digital booths of more than 65 companies and organizations maintained across the vibrant Startup City. The spaces provide information about the companies’ histories, plans, and current projects as well as offering unparalleled opportunities to make inquiries and open dialogues.

Prominently located in Tech City’s “Lifestyle and Services” neighborhood, our Digital Booth invites visitors to learn more about Cardano Lab / Infinity Blockchain Labs and reach out.

Saigon Tech City

Saigon Tech City is far more than a simple job fair or networking event, however. Experts and entrepreneurs in various fields host talks and discussions on a diverse set of tech-related subjects. Available for live online streaming, as well as archived for later viewing, topics included “Legal for Startup : Doing Business in Vietnam,” “Challenge for Junior Developers in Vietnam,” “Women in Tech” and our personal favorite “Intro to Blockchain” which featured IBL lead developer Ha Bui. You can watch that video here.

Saigon Tech City

Ideal for experienced insiders as well as people new to tech fields and Saigon’s rapidly developing community, Saigon Tech City appeals to a diverse audience while reflecting the vibrancy of the industry. We hope you check out some of the insightful talks, explore the many companies dedicated to local tech innovations who were there and come visit our booth!

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