IBL Signs Media Partnership with NCDT Business Review Infinity Blockchain Labs

IBL Signs Media Partnership with NCDT Business Review


October 17, 2018

IBL Signs Media Partnership with NCDT Business ReviewIBL is proud to announce an official partnership with The Business Review – the leading business magazine in Vietnam

On October 17th, 2018, Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) announced its media partnership with The Business Review. The signing ceremony took place at the Hotel Des Arts in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with more than 30 high-profile journalists and reporters in attendance. Accordingly, The Business Review will become the strategic media partner of IBL in the Vietnamese market in the coming time.
Blockchain is best known as the technology behind cryptocurrency, which has attracted billions of dollars in investment over time. However, blockchain has potential far beyond cryptocurrency in many other applications rather than just a medium of exchange and electronic payment.
Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that is expected to have a considerable impact and radically transform significant industries in the near future. Examples of impacted industries include finance & accounting, health, logistics, digital identity, and many more. As of May 2018, more than 26,000 open-source blockchain projects were created and over 800 blockchain startups were established globally.

IBL Signs Media Partnership with NCDT Business ReviewJunya Yamamoto sharing his thoughts during the signing ceremony

Most of the major banks have implemented research on blockchain and support programs for blockchain startups. Blockchain is expected to dramatically change the financial and payment industry in creating a value worth $20.3 billion USD by 2030. On another note, Vietnamese businesses also benefit significantly by blockchain technology. Vietnam has emerged as a popular destination for foreign blockchain companies due to its vast amounts of high-tech workers and programmers.
Through  this strategic partnership, IBL and The Business Review will collaborate to provide the most diverse and accurate information-sharing platform for an abundance of Vietnamese businesses and investors possessing a profound interest in blockchain technology. Certain risks in investing and deploying this disruptive technology will also be discussed in this sharing platform.

IBL Signs Media Partnership with NCDT Business ReviewJunya Yamamoto – CEO of Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) at the moment of signing the agreement

Mr. Junya Yamamoto, CEO of Infinity Blockchain Labs explained, “[W]e are very honored and delighted to have the opportunity to cooperate with a prestigious unit such as The Business Review – the leading business magazine in Vietnam with substantial readership and credibility. This is only the first step towards long-term strategic cooperation between the two parties.”
“Hopefully, with the prestige of The Business Review and IBL’s leadership position in the ecosystem, the popularity and applications of blockchain will be further strengthened in Vietnam. Vietnamese businesses can thereby confidently ride the wave of technological change, as well as boldly invest in blockchain research and development activities. All this will certainly help cement Vietnam’s position as a blockchain country to watch,” he also added.
Ms. Luu Thanh Lan, Chief Representative and Exclusive Trade Representative of The Business Review, Managing Director of MTV An Pham Co. said, “[W]e are very excited to become IBL’s strategic media partner in the Vietnamese market. Our mission is to lead the way in predicting and disseminating new trends in investment and business applications for domestic enterprises. As far as we know, IBL is currently the leading blockchain company in Vietnam with a global network of partners. We expect that through this cooperation, Vietnamese businesses will better understand the blockchain technology and its endless potential in every aspect of life.”
IBL Signs Media Partnership with NCDT Business ReviewYamamoto shares a light moment with the Chief Representative of The Business Review during the MOU signing.
This is just the beginning of a bountiful and robust relationship between IBL and The Business Review as we are making headway in bridging the gap between blockchain world and conventional business application world. We are confident this collaboration will be fruitful and mutually beneficial for both parties as we are on the same page and working towards the same mission, which is to empowering Vietnam to be the next global blockchain and 4.0 technologies hub.
See The Business Review’s article about the event here. (Vietnamese)

About The Business Review

The Business Review is one of the leading business magazines in Vietnam, with a circulation of 65,000 copies per week and 350,000 readers. Its mission is to be at the forefront of updating new business trends for leaders. Over the past 15 years, the magazine has held many impressive and useful events for the managers and investors across the country, for examples, the Top 50 most effective trading companies on the stock market, Investment Summit, Tech Summit, etc.

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