UNLEASHING ALTA WALLET VERSION 1.2.0 Infinity Blockchain Labs



October 11, 2016

After relentless improvement, Alta Wallet version 1.2.0 has officially launched on October 12th2016 with exciting features and offers. Alta Wallet is currently among few wallets supporting multiple coins on all platforms of IOS, Android and Desktop. Also our service is now brought to you in 4 key languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese.
Multi-platform offer
Arguably the only wallet supporting Litecoin and Dogecoin on IOS platform, Alta Wallet also integrates Dash coin on its Desktop and Android version, on top of the two most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our team has spent tremendous effort going through rigorous process of application and verification by App Store team before officially releasing Alta Wallet as the world’s leading multi-coin wallet on IOS platform.
Our Desktop version also offers exchange function, allowing you to exchange among Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash coin hassle-free within your wallet.
Multi-language available
Users can now access our services in 4 key languages of English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. Chinese alone claims over 50% of the world’s cryptocurrencies volume, consequently Alta Wallet with Chinese language version aims to accommodate the enormous demand in this gigantic market, specifically the demand for emerging coins such as Dogecoin and Dash coin. Also users in other top markets such as America, Europe, Australia, Japan and the developing market of Vietnam can also enjoy our services stress-free in their familiar native language.
Multi-coin integration
Currently Alta Wallet has been supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash coin. Alta Wallet team has developed our own block explorer system backed by 40+ developer team of strong caliber, allowing absolute autonomy and sufficient power to facilitate smooth and seamless transactions across different blockchains, different platforms and different digital assets.
Future expansion plan
On top of cryptocurrency, we plan to adopt more types of cryptocurrencies and tokens in the future. Moreover users will soon have the option of setting their transaction fee in three tiers of Premium, Standard and Economy corresponding to different priority and speed of transaction processing.
This is in line with our master plan of deploying innovative cross-chain concept and allowing Alta Wallet users to manage and enjoy diverse integrated services across different types of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Also our service is accessible on multi-platforms and multi-language, enabling users to round up their experiences with digital assets and crypto-space as a whole.
Check out Alta Wallet at https://altaapps.io/wallet/ NOW to start your journey!
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