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Unlock Blockchain: The Future Of Sharing Economy


March 26, 2018

Held at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai from January 14th to January 15th, 2018, with 2 days of panel discussions talks, sessions, key notes, and addresses on the potential of the Blockchain, Unlock Blockchain covered different aspects of the new technology ranging from educating audiences, possible use cases, and future implication for business and governments. The event gathered blockchain experts from various sectors and organizations to discuss on the blockchain potentials which empower the world to create positive economic change across sectors The event was organized by Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal in partnership with Smart Dubai.

Unlock Blockchain: The Future Of Sharing Economy

Dubai Joining The World In Pioneering The Use Of Blockchain

Blockchain, of which the market value is estimated to reach $290 billion by 2019, can be regarded as the biggest thing since the invention of the internet. Besides efforts to employ blockchain by private enterprises across sectors such as finance, insurance and supply chain, governments worldwide are already working on use cases for it. Among those pioneers, Dubai appears to be one of the front runners with the aim to executing all applicable government transactions on the blockchain by 2020.
To achieve the objective of becoming the first Blockchain powered city in the world, Dubai’s Blockchain strategy revolves around government efficiency, industry creation, and international thought leadership.

Tremendous Potentials Of Blockchain

One of the sponsors of the event, Avanza Solutions, also participated in panel discussions to exchange views about how Blockchain can transform governments with smart cities, the project aiming to lead to smarter and more efficient economies. Avanza has implemented countless massive projects ranging from building Dubai Government’s Department of Finance’s Blockchain-based reconciliation and settlement engine to developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain-based emergency response nerve center for Dubai’s Health Authority.
Mr. Waqas Mirza (CMO& MD – Avanza Solutions) said at the event, “Technology has always pushed the boundary, redefined what was possible and now we are on the verge of witnessing that happen again. With Blockchain, we can reinvent businesses, revolutionize processes, and create more transparent governments all leading to a smarter cities and economies. This forum has been a great medium to actually show stakeholders, policy makers, and the people at large what exactly is possible with Blockchain.(1)

IBL’s Attendance In The Role Of Empowering Blockchain

With the aim to building blockchain ecosystem and partnerships in Vietnam and the region, IBL representative, Cris Tran, IBL’s Project Director, participated the panel together with other experts such as Ralf Glabischnig, Managing Partner, inacta AG; Hubertus Thonhauser, Managing Partner, Enabling Future and Sam Lee, Founder & CEO, Blockchain Global. By providing expert information with explanations of tangible benefits to different sectors and how the company can fuel blockchain worldwide adoption. Similarly, by meeting with representatives from different countries, IBL can expand its regional role while simultaneously raising the profile of Vietnam’s blockchain landscape.

Unlock Blockchain: The Future Of Sharing Economy

Hubertus Thonhauser, Ralf Glabischnig, Cris Tran, Sam Lee, Oliver Bussmann

The panel discussion named “Dubai the Next Blockchain Startup Valley”, moderated by Oliver Bussmann, CEO & Founder Bussmann Advisory AG, President Crypto Valley Association, former CIO UBS & SAP, led audience to countless aspects of blockchain development, strengths and weaknesses of every countries in implementation as well as threats and opportunities of which they can take advantage to employ one of the world’s most disruptive technology. When being asked about “critical success factors to build a local Blockchain startup valley”, Cris believed that it was crucial to have strong market leaders, commitments from government with clear policy and timeline for startups to follow, and leaders of the technology doing very well in considering directions for that market.

Unlock Blockchain: The Future Of Sharing Economy

Cris Tran, Project Director, Infinity Blockchain Labs

Also, our representative shared some of his learnings and key experiences with the build up of Blockchain ecosystems in Dubai, Switzerland and other regions. Cris stated that there were three essential factors one market or organization must have in order to maintain and develop Blockchain technology: talent pool – a group of individuals that is generally identified as the top talent within an organization, capital pool – funds that a group of investors put together to invest for mutual benefits, and efficient policies or regulations of authorities about blockchain technology in the market.
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(1) https://www.unlock-bc.com/news/news