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Vietnam Blockchain Kicks Off Hackathon


November 24, 2017

Vietnam blockchain ecosystem may be young, but it is filled with energy and this month it is receiving a huge bolt of adrenaline thanks to the launch of the Blockathon. The event brings together 10+ world class mentors and trainers for a week of intensive training culminating in a 36 hour competitive challenge where teams pitch their blockchain ideas. It is founded by Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) in coordination with major players from numerous fields within Vietnam.
Not only will winners receive large cash prizes and valuable incubation opportunities, but the country as a whole stands to benefit greatly. The energy, attention, knowledge and enthusiasm the event fosters will help raise the power and prestige of Vietnam blockchain efforts. When it finishes, people will have a greater understanding of the breakthrough technology and its ability to profoundly impact a variety of industries.

Vietnam Blockchain Kickoff Event

Vietnam Blockchain Kicks Off Hackathon

A Packed Crowd at the Saigon Innovation Hub

On Friday November 17th, over a hundred eager blockchain enthusiasts gathered at the Saigon Innovation Hub to officially launch the groundbreaking blockchain hackathon. Participants, entrepreneurs and representatives from regulatory bodies and media outlets were in attendance to learn more about the event and the technology it celebrates.

Vietnam Blockchain Kicks Off Hackathon

IBL Director General, Junya Yamamoto Inspires the Audience

The night began with a keynote address from IBL Director General, Junya Yamamoto. He inspired attendees by professing his passion for the technology and the potential of the Vietnam blockchain community to become a worldwide force. He asked that all participants commit their full energy and work on polishing their ideas until the last second.

Vietnam Blockchain Kicks Off Hackathon

Nicole Nguyen, Head of Corporate Marketing, Addresses the Crowd

After Yamamoto spoke, IBL Head of Corporate Marketing Nicole Nguyen explained the intricacies of the event, stressing the intimate knowledge of blockchain participants would gain. She explained that  “Vietnam blockchain is a young ecosystem, and you have the rare opportunity to become leaders within it thanks to this challenge. Few other times in your life will you have such an opportunity to take a starring role”.

Vietnam Blockchain Kicks Off Hackathon

Roger Thomas Moyes, Nicole Nguyen and Huynh Kim Tuoc Elaborate on the Blockathon and Blockchain ecosystem development roadmap

Nicole was then joined by Mr. Roger Thomas Moyes, Project Director and Senior Access to Finance Advisor, Mekong Business Initiative – Asian Development Bank and Saigon Innovation Hub Director, Mr. Huynh Kim Tuoc. They spoke about the importance of the event in the context of the Vietnam blockchain ecosystem. They identified key sectors of the country that it will impact including banking and financing. The panel then answered a variety of questions about how one can use the technology and what it will look like when employed. The Q&A period also provided an important opportunity to clarify and elaborate on the Blockathon schedule and goals.

Vietnam Blockchain Kicks Off Hackathon

Hoang Ngoc Toan, IBL Technical Lead, Explains Blockchain Basics

The night concluded with IBL Technical Leader, Hoang Ngoc Toan, giving teams a basic explanation of blockchain technology. It was just an introduction to the intensive week-long training all participants will receive. After the training they will all have the knowledge necessary to pitch blockchain-dependant ideas with real-world implications.

IBL in Hanoi

An important part about developing the Vietnam blockchain ecosystem involves reaching outside of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to partnerships with Universities in every region in Vietnam, IBL maintains a high profile throughout the country by speaking at conferences in key cities like Da Nang and Hanoi. The company relied on its many connections to launch the Blockathon in Hanoi, so as to simultaneously involve teams in the country’s capital.
IBL event specialist Mary Tran launched Blockathon in Hanoi at TECHFEST ( – one of the largest National annual events for the entire stakeholders in Vietnam ecosystem. The event is endorsed by the Ministry of Science and Technology co-organized together with many ministries, agencies and other startup ecosystem builders in Vietnam. At the Blockathon booth she shared information, inspired interest and encouraged participation. The Vietnam blockchain community is made significantly more powerful when it involves the brightest minds from not only Ho Chi Minh City, but also Hanoi. The Blockathon now has 7 teams from Hanoi joining 30 from Ho Chi Minh City. The teams in the capital will participate via livestream at a separate venue. Certainly with such a large network, the event will produce diverse and innovative blockchain ideas.

Vietnam Blockchain Kicks Off Hackathon

Blockathon Booth at TECHFEST

“Taking the event to Hanoi really helps us recognize how hungry the whole country is for blockchain. We have a lot of work to do to take advantage of this enthusiasm,” Mary said.

Towards the Blockathon and the Future

The Blockathon represents a crucial part of IBL nurturing the Vietnam blockchain ecosystem. Thanks to the event and efforts like monthly workshops, university courses and speaking engagements, IBL is simultaneously raising the profile of blockchain while establishing themselves as the go-to source of information and inspiration. The aim is to produce a global hub for the technology, as powered by smart, motivated blockchain enthusiasts and regulators. People within the country are already taking notice of IBL’s role. Mr. Tuoc’s even expressed his desire for IBL to do host an e-government hackathon after this blockathon to coincide with Saigon Innovation Hub’s mission to nurture innovation and startups. With important collaborations such as this, IBL will empower Vietnam to become a global blockchain power.
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